List Five Ways To Prevent Malpractice Based On Good Communication

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List Five Ways to Prevent Malpractice Based on Good Communication

List Five Ways to Prevent Malpractice Based on Good Communication


Legal malpractice takes place when an attorney is unsuccessful to meet the ethical and professional values of being a lawyer. The damage can be to the client, the court, party unconnected to the action or the opposite counsel. In the end the biggest victim of legal malpractice is the lawyer who is responsible for the wrong. As exceptional as the court cases themselves, malpractice in legal issues can occur in a range of forms (Carver, 1990). Thus, keeping away from legal malpractice, every time possible, will not only facilitate in preserving an individual's professional repute but also permit him to focus on what he is good at i.e. being a lawyer.


Based on communication, here are some effective ways to pass up legal malpractice:

Communication is indispensable and each time possible ought to be put in writing. Making a paper follow up of negotiations is not only accommodating for an individual's legal association but also for his legal defense. Meeting expectations is also necessary. The final thing an individual wants and the simplest way to be charged with carelessness is to go wrong with the expectations of the client on the subject of their case and the services offered. So, as to uphold the similar goals, one need to be in charge of their expectations (Tropman, 1996). Keeping the client well informed by the side not only let an individual maintain the expectations of his client but also proving his sustained work. It is also important to know what the client actually wants. The actuality is that one needs to make certain that he/she is taking cases that he/she is capable of handling or is comfortable dealing with. Also, it is very important to ...
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