List Of Five Most Ridiculous Films On International Relations

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List of Five Most Ridiculous Films on International Relations

List of Five Most Ridiculous Films on International Relations


Many films portray international relations or United States foreign policies, some of which are, made well, show the complexity of the world and solutions for international problems. Yet some are movies are outrageous and biased. These movies are one-sided and promote stereotypes that are unfair labeling them to be ridiculous. They support one country and show its role in a certain incident while ignoring the other countries involvement to mold the way the viewer thinks and to change their perspective on things by influencing it. Few examples of such movies have been, mentioned below.

Thirteen Days, a Film by Roger Donaldson

The movie introduces the viewers to the historical circumstance of the Crisis of the Cuban Missiles in 1962, which was the height of the Cold War. However, the movie is solely a narrative of the side of United States and is role. The perspective of the Soviet is absent from the movie and has been represented as the 'others' throughout the movie, being either ignored or mentioned as the villains. This provides a biased view of the actual events of the War and its consequences, giving a single view perspective of United States and its role during the Cold War (Nelson, 2001).

Black Hawk Down

The requirements for a war movie are action scenes and a moral message at the end. Black Hawk Down only has one main ingredient, with the action scenes present but the script lacking definition of characters. Mohammed Farrah Adidis is, portrayed as the bad warlord, leaving out why and how he is in power. The characters have not been, developed and have been, represented in a way they are not relatable. The movie seemed to have been, made to represent the white soldiers who come down on the African savages and shows the white American soldiers to be the hero's who were justified for their actions. American scriptwriters and moviemakers have been, known to represent them in a way where they lionize their own soldiers of the United States, for saving the country and world. These two movies based on World War 2 are embarrassing and have been, labeled ridiculous as they ignore the suffering of the soldiers of Somalia and they are one-sided narrations (Clark, 2001). 

The Somalis are mostly, shown hidden behind the smoke, all of them shown as ...
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