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Literary Work

Literary Work

Reviewing Different Literary Works


In following paper we will look into three different genres, i.e. A poem, A short story and the Play all being interconnected through their themes and way writer, narrator or author poses sequences in them.

There are some external points are discussed in study of literature. But setting and environment are more often discussed. Sometimes, extrinsic study only connects literature to social context and previous growth (Barnet 2003). In most cases, it becomes the 'causal' explanation, professing to account for literature, to explain it, and finally to reduce it to its origins ('fallacy of origins').

Reviewing the Literary works

Yet, it is clear that causal study can never dispose of problems of description, analysis, and evaluation of an object such as work of literary art. Cause and effect are incommensurate: concrete result of these extrinsic causes - work of art- is always unpredictable (Endrawasara 2003).

There are some opinions about extrinsic factors influence literary works such as biography, psychology, social life, causal explanation of literature largely in such other collective creations, and some quintessential spirit of time.

But either how far these factors determine production process of literary works, or how far extrinsic method supposed to be able in measuring external influence, depends on approach which is used. The scientist who uses social approach tent to come to determine in straight. Their radicalism is influence of positivism. This occurs to proponents of geistegeschichte, which is combined with hegelianism and romanticism. Moreover, they are more radical than scientists who use social approach. On other hand, there are some of scientists who are more modest. They do not depend only on one factor. The other factors may give effects as well (Hornby 1995).

The Girl By Jamaica Kincaid

First published in June 26, 1978, issue of The New Yorker, "Girl" was first of what would become more than the dozen short stories Jamaica Kincaid published in that magazine. Five years later, "Girl" appeared as opening story in Kincaid's collection of stories, At Bottom of River (1983), her first book.

"Girl" is the one-sentence, 650-word dialogue between the mother and daughter. The mother does most of talking; she delivers the long series of instructions and warnings to daughter, who twice responds but whose responses go unnoticed by mother. There is no introduction of characters, no action, and no description of setting. The mother's voice simply begins speaking, "Wash white clothes on Monday," and continues through to end. Like all of Kincaid's fiction, "Girl" is based on Kincaid's own life and her relationship with her mother (Kincaid 2007). Although setting is not specified in story, Kincaid has revealed in interviews that it takes place in Antigua, her island birthplace.

Jamaica Kincaid's short story ``Girl ' is often seen from perspective of the mother-daughter relationship. The story is often interpreted as mother's litany of how daughter ought to conduct herself. All lines in story are orders or demands from to mother of what daughter must do. However, story can also be seen as an interpretation of relationship between Kincaid's hometown, ...
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