Literature Review On Enduring The Legacy Of Virginia Satir - An Exploration Of Her Clinical Supervision Practices

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Literature Review on Enduring the Legacy of Virginia Satir - An Exploration of her Clinical Supervision Practices

Chapter 2: Literature Review

Virginia Satir was amazing family therapist who endowed numerous persons to grow. She accepted in boosting them to articulate their essence. People who contacted her sensed at alleviate, affirmed and stronger. Virginia was a marvellous educator. Generating tremendous heat, she engaged her intuition, yet underpinned it with a formidable intellect. For demonstration, she pioneered a 'systems' set about to family therapy. She identified that some families had 'rules' - voiced or unspoken - that stopped growth. People got the messages: “It is not alright to glimpse what's going on; to seem what you feel; to articulate what you feel; to inquire for what you desire or to take risks.” Virginia assisted persons to broadcast apparently and conceive wholesome directions that endowed everyone to grow. Her set about has had leverage far after family therapy.

She boosted persons to be their factual selves, activate their interior power - which may have arrive from overwhelming adversities - and articulate their essence as people. She endowed persons to construct enriching connections in which persons were boosted to evolve their uniqueness - their 'differentness' - and extend to grow. She supplied the inspiration for endowing persons to construct wholesome schemes - families, groups and organisations - that were founded on 'similarity of spirit' and 'diversity of strengths'.

Virginia is identified as a pioneer in family therapy. When increasing up, she glimpsed herself as a 'detective'. Looking back on her life, Virginia said she was five-years-old when she determined to be: “a children's detective on parents.” She explained: “I didn't rather understand what I would gaze for, but I recognized many went on in families that didn't rendezvous the eye.” She went on to supply a beliefs and functional devices that have availed thousands of people.

Virginia was born in Wisconsin in 1916. She was the eldest of five young children born to Oscar and Minnie Pagenkopf, whose ancestors came from Germany. Virginia had some health setbacks early in life. She bound Mastoiditis when elderly 5 and lost her hearing for two years. Seven years subsequent she endured a life-threatening illness. Minnie was a Christian Scientist and at the start opposed calling health help. Oscar finally paced in and asserted that Virginia get treatment. She had a ruptured appendix and expended five months in hospital.

Looking back, Virginia sensed she wise affirmative things from both her parents. Despite the clinic episode, Minnie was determined for her eldest female child, who displayed large proficiency to learn. For demonstration, Virginia educated herself to read by the age of three. Minnie subsequent asserted the family proceed from their ranch to Milwaukee in order that her female child could join High School. Virginia said that Minnie educated her how to rectify things; while Oscar educated her the worth of honesty. Both embodied powerful ethics. They furthermore educated her to aim on possibilities- and answers - other than get pulled down by ...
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