London Borough Newham

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Housing and Unemployment in London Borough Newham

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London Borough Newham2

Health Status of the Community.3

Key Factors of Health and Well Being.4



Link between Unemployment and Health5

Affect on the Health Care of the Community.7

Health Promotion9

Government Policies.10

Single Points of Access pilot10

Role of Health Care Professionals10

Professional Support11

Program Planning - Addressing Patient Needs12

Delivering Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Programs12

Measuring Success - Program Evaluation13



Housing and Unemployment in London Borough Newham


The paper will discuss the professional health issues in London borough Newham keeping in view the two key issues housing and unemployment. Ti will identify how these factors contribute to the healthcare issues and how the community respond to them. The paper will cover the areas including the link of the health factors with the community, government policies and the support of professional healthcare representatives.

London Borough Newham

The population of the community is approximately 246 000. Overall the community is not as prosperous, and there is a large area, which is still predicting a bright future. Total area is booming, and the Olympic field in 2012 located just outside the station, Stratford. The area is located London City Airport, which connects Britain to Europe, many new buildings, good transport links, including the Thames, a huge exhibition hall EXCELL, markets, supermarkets, shops, restaurants, cafes, close to Stanstead airport, close to the shores of the Channel by car. The town formed on April 1, 1965 combining the former area of East Ham, and West Ham. Green Street marks the anterior boundary between the two. North Woolwich also became part of the city (already being in the Metropolitan Borough of Woolwich) with a small area west of the River Roding which had previously been part of the Municipal Borough of Barking (European Commission, 2004, 89).

Newham borders the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham by the River Roding to the east, the London Borough of Greenwich on the Thames to the south, London Borough of Tower Hamlets and London Borough of Hackney by the River Lee to the west and the London Borough of Waltham Forest and Redbridge London Borough of Wanstead Flats to the north. Unlike most English districts, its presidential council is headed by a mayor elected by the polls, currently Robin Wales (Bottomley,2003, 52). Census information indicates that Newham is the most culturally diverse in the UK. The council ventures to say that is where most of the world cultural miscegenation. The city is the local authority with the second highest percentage of Muslims in Britain. It is a part of Outer London for most purposes because most of the city was not in the old county of London. However, an economically deprived areas and the council is actively campaigning to increase the level of financial support it receives (Garcia, 2000, 40).

Health Status of the Community.

The community shows independent patterns of mental health service use in comparison to others. People are less likely to utilize outpatient mental health services, and are more likely than any other ethnic group to rely on emergency psychiatric ...
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