Long Term Care

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Long term Care

Long Term Care


Long-term care includes a wide range of support for medical, personal, and social services that people need is not in compliance with the conditions of life Necessary due to illness or disability. Most of them are informal in nature, provided Family and friends. With the acquired, the site includes the rules various non-governmental medical institutions, including the house Community-based organizations. As a result, private insurance companies are reluctant to sell a cover for long-term care and the cost of this assistance was the main cause of the catastrophic costs for the elderly. Until the mid-1980s, is the lack of sufficient funds for insurance Long-term care in the United States began to receive widespread attention, and the fact that Medicare does not cover long-term care was bring Medicaid, which paid Scores of poor people were just awful state government (Tang, 2008). During this time began the private insurance market for the care develops, but it was still in its infancy. The first generation of private guidelines has been criticized for its many limitations and shortcomings (In homeland before admission requirements, the lack of significant Benefits of Community Care.


Economic Vs Variable Cost

Long-term care is very expensive and often becomes a financial disaster for the elderly and their families. Private insurance is unlikely to cover all maintenance costs and Medicare pays only a limited number. A person usually removes most of their assets to qualify for Medicaid, which covers long-term care. On aging in America "for the elderly to qualify for a nursing home under Medicaid tend to reduce their personal financial situation of the poverty level (p. 119-120).

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