Management And Accounting Information Systems

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Management and Accounting Information Systems

Management and Accounting Information Systems

Management and Accounting Information Systems


Establishing a new management and accounting information systems would not directly in it be beneficial for Sweet Treat Company, LLC . It is crucial that organizational behaviour is transformed so that the potential of the new management and accounting information systems could actually be used in an advantageous manner. Thus, managers should try to eradicate any outmoded organizational practices that would prevent the efficient use of the system. They should also try to implement the change very smoothly and through continuous training of the whole staff of the company. Computerized accounting systems bring with then a set of new and unique problems. The internal controls that have been put into place for a manual system to help the internal auditor cannot fully prevent or minimize the possibility of errors or fraud that come with the computerized systems. Therefore the old controls must be modified for the new system and new controls must be put in. The company has to implement an enterprise system so that it could integrate all its departments and business units together. This, however, needs to be done gradually starting with a good management plan and thorough training and involvement of the whole staff. The management and accounting information systems have to be developed so that it is useful for the company and it suits its operational and organizational goals and needs.

Part 1

Sweet Treat Company, LLC should first ensure that the team formed to implement the change process throughout the firm is comprised of both senior managers and personnel from the IT department. The team has to inform all employees well in advance about the changes that are going to take place in the company and about how and when the training sessions are to be conducted. It has to prepare and distribute user manuals before the change has started, has to continuously supply updated information throughout the process and provide user support after the change has taken place. It should, also, ascertain that all employees take part in the organizational and technological changes of the firm and that they understand and support the implementation of these changes. It might be useful for the company to set up a way in which it could receive feedback from all employees about the new system both during and after its execution. In this way, the team would know if further training is needed, if the conversion process is being handled successfully, and if some improvement of the system and the business processes could be achieved (Welsch, G.A. Hilton, R.W. Gordon, P.N. 1988).

Sweet Treat Company, LLC 's management is a little conservative and although it is wishing to adopt a new system using modern technology, it wants to be sure that this system has already proven to be useful and suitable for such a company. As quality assurance is quite important for Sweet Treat Company, LLC , it has to hold responsible all employees and departments in ...
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