Management And Organisational Behaviour

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Management And Organisational Behaviour


As a manager of the Middlesex Resort and Spa, I believe the has an over- extended organizational structure. Middlesex Resort and Spa matrix structure introduces, or at least recognizes, the real life complexity of our business environment. Geography, function, technology, business unit and technology (among others) are important, so why not recognize this reality in our matrix organizations structure. However being a matrix organization structure also introduces a higher level of internal complexity and some additional people management challenges, so there must be significant advantages to a matrix organization structure that outweigh the matrix people management challenges. Matrix organization structures were introduced in the airspace industry in the 50s to cope with complex projects. Since then many thousands of organizations, often prompted by the large strategy consultancies, have adopted the matrix organization structure to help deal with internal and external complexity. (Lillian Margaret Simms, 2000, 66-78)


Organizational culture also comprises a set of practices that characterizes the organization and distinguishes it from others. If a leader appears not to be concerned, then more than likely the team members will not be either. Internal cues, both verbal and non-verbal are extremely important to not only success but just day-to-day functioning. In order to avoid a complete break down in communication one recommendation is to institute effective, reliable leadership because that will build trust and communicate skills. First leadership must be put in place then a change of policy can be put into place. There must be consistency with the chain of command where both the product and the use of the product are concerned. Everyone must have the same perception of the organization's objective. Everyone within the organization must be on the same page.

Middlesex Resort and Spa and adaptability

Three aspects of adaptability impact an Middlesex Resort and Spa effectiveness. First is the ability to perceive and respond to the external environment. Successful organizations are very focused on their customers and their competitors. Second is the ability to respond to internal customers, regardless of level, department or function. Third is the capacity to restructure and re-institutionalize a set of behaviours and processes that allow the organization to adapt. Without this ability to implement adaptive response, an organization cannot be effective. (Mullins 2007, 23-45)

The indices of the Adaptability trait are:

Creating Change

Customer Focus

Organizational Learning

Middlesex Resort and Spa and managerial staffing

Principle of the objective of staffing:

The objective of managerial staffing is to ensure that organization roles are filled by those qualified personnel who are able and willing to occupy them. (Mullins 2007, 23-45)

Principle of staffing:

This principle rests on an important body of knowledge concerning management practices in Middlesex Resort and Spa. Those organizations that have no established job definition, no effective appraisals, and no system for training and development will have to rely on coincidence or sources to fill the positions with able managers. (Mullins 2007, 23-45)

Principle of job definition:

Since organizational roles are occupied by people with different needs, these roles ...
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