Management And Organisational Behaviour-Case Study

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Management and Organisational Behaviour: Case Study

Management and Organisational Behaviour: Case Study

Task 1: Scenario (Words)

The scenario reflects a situation in my previous working career as manager of Customers Service Department. Sometime in 2007, I was assigned to the Sales Department as National Sales Manager (NSM) to address some performance issues. Most performance related cases are likely caused by mismanagement; however, this situation is unique as new initiatives implemented are sincere in benefiting the employees but results have proved otherwise.

The company is a monopoly firm providing broadband services and is listed in the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. Since inception about 15 years ago, it has grown from 250 to more than 2,000 employees. Most managerial positions are held by employees promoted through ranks though remaining in the same business unit. Since majority of management levels are in their mid-forties and above; the company's core values focuses on people development and retention of human capital for the purpose of succession.

Apart from having a formal Human Resource structure to reinforce human resource maintenance; various initiatives were implemented that includes; “Best in Its Class” managerial training conducted by renowned institutions such as Disney Training Institute, Harvard Business Schools and Institute of Management Ahmadabad (IMA). The management also holds yearly oversea convention trips for high achievers with the CEO first-handedly shared the year's vision, goals and objectives.

Throughout, the company enjoyed excellent Employee's Engagement Survey (EES) results that are conducted by an independent consultant. Appraisals are scheduled twice annually and guided by systematic process to ensure fair rating. While acknowledging people's attribute as imperative assets; underperformers are given second chance in earning back their performance bonus if improved performance is observed under guided corrective action plans. Compensation and salary structure are clearly referenced by corporate rankings with well defined compensation range to minimise discrimination. However, promotions are subjected to position availability and recommendation from respective supervisor with approved by Head of Department (HOD).

Brian, the Head of Sales & Distributions (S&D) whom I'm directly reporting had just joined the organization about two years ago, was formally from a renowned American financial institution. Brian informed me that this position was left vacant for the past 3 years. Since they couldn't find the right candidate and the sales performance was delivering superior results. He felt that is no urgency for further sourcing. For the time being, he has placed all 6 Regional Sales Managers (RSM) directly under him. The regions are segmented by Northern which is managed by William, Central by Michael, Southern covered by Charlie and East Coast Region by Paul covering West/Peninsular Malaysia. As for East Malaysia, the state of Sabah (Borneo) is managed by Andy and Ann for Sarawak that forms the remaining two regions. The NSM also required working closely with 3 other Channel Sales Managers (CSM) of Direct Sales, Retail Sales and Tele-Sales. However, Channel Sales Executives are based at respective regional offices and is supervised directly by the RSMs. William, Michael, Charlie and Andy are in their ...
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