Managing Fund Raising Risk

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Managing Fund Raising Risk

Chapter 1: Introduction

When it comes to investing in anything, there are always risks involved. However, risks can be managed if you know the tricks of the trade. Of course, a program of real estate investments could significantly assist you and give you some good advice. However, a fundraising may not give all the information you need to reduce risk.

Work in fundraising can be very rewarding, but not is an easy job. We must achieve objectives, often ambitious, often test the capabilities professional. Are common moments of anxiety uncertainty about whether goals are being achieved. Usually work demanding that requires long hours and flexible hours to complete to attend public meetings or events at any time of day. It is not an occupation to facilitate reconciliation of work and leisure family life. (Graettinger, 2002, 89)

To develop an effective strategy, it is essential to understanding both the organization in question and what drives him to raise funds, needs concrete. People responsible for raising funds should have knowledge of your organization and how it is positioned in the NGO sector, and the link between the work done and the best way finance. They should draw a line of argument to request funds face to an act or a particular campaign. This argument must be based on the mission of the organization and, where appropriate, a broader campaign. The conception of a good proposal for a suitable recipient and attractive presentation are the key ingredients of success. The fundraisers should know what to ask, to whom, why and what channel form. They must know various forms of communication: oral, written, electronic, audiovisual, etc.

Chapter 2: Literature Review

From a practical standpoint, there is no area to raise funds grew faster than the request for donations. By order of the United States in 1999, the annual report of the American Bar Association's fundraising goal for philanthropy, a strong economy was good news for charities. For the third consecutive year, giving the non-profit organizations has increased. Rose by 10,7 per cent in 1998 to reach 174 billion U.S. dollars, with 77.3 percent of it comes from individual donors. (LeGresley, Cornejo, 2000, 90)

The emergence of direct mail and marketing list has assisted propel this spectacular development, and altered the environment of fundraising efforts to trading to be much more specific. The outcome is that it is simpler to profit from more cash with less dollars. Names and locations can be bought and who bought a merchandise or subscribe to the publication dispatched a statement. Phone banks and other procedures permit a non-profit to assemble registers of persons who are else improbable to arrive into direct communicate with the service organization's programs. (Valerdi, Reifer, 2003, 19)

In the last ten years, the stride of sophisticated research of one-by-one fundraising is phenomenal. Seniors now join seminars, which blend levy designing with the charity. Rent Board, and between benevolent societies is a large-scale enterprise, and "intermediary" register, the befitting purchasers and sellers on the ...
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