Fund Raising

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Fund Raising


The aim of this paper is to make an application and business plan to raise fund for the foster home project. The paper focuses on the famous funders such as Children in Need. The author has given comprehensive strategies, plans, and techniques that will persuade the funders to provide funds for the foster home project. It is necessary for any project to complete some pre requisites that help in completion of the project planning and paper work is part of it. The paper has provided the significant and complete information for the project.



The purpose of this application is to provide the information of the planned project and to get approval from BBC Children in Need so that the planned project could be initiated with the funds collected. The below given paper is the form of application that will be submitted to the BBC Children in Need for the approval.

The Organization name “Preserving Innocence Children Foster Home” Address: Uddingston Sanderson Avenue Glasgow Area, Glasgow, United Kingdom 01698 747 721, www.

Name of Applicant: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Role: Board of Director/ Director of Planning



Our organization is private company, but working under the government program “Families for Children” that is in Glasgow UK. Phone 0845 270 0609 between 8.45am to 4.45pm Monday to Thursday and 8.45am to 3.55pm Friday Email

Staffing of Foster Home

Preserving Innocence Children Foster Home is initiated under the student body of our university. Our president will be the C.E.O of this Foster home. There will be around 50 people staff in morning shift and out of which 25 staff will be in the night shift. The shifts will be of 12 hours. There will be two doctors appointed one for morning and other for the night shift. The doctors will be paid. The other nursing staff will be volunteered. The following is the breakdown of the staff.

Chair Person: Mr. Ian Toal, Chief Executive (Adam Foods)

Secretary: Mr. Stefano Pessina from Alliance Boots


The management committee is the people from private Organization that visit rare in the organization but they have hired the further provided staff for the daily basis operation so they can initiate the home. They have usually monthly meetings. The authorities and power are only associated to the management committee and they have delegated power to the CEO and one of the manager.

C.E.O (1) Non-Paid

Managers (4) Paid

Coordinators (10) Paid

Nursing Staff (30) (Volunteer and Paid)

Doctors (2)

Security Guard (2) Paid

Teachers (10) paid for disabled teachers morning

The following staff will be divided in morning and night shift. These staffs are paid and non paid volunteer. It has been estimated that the salaries of the staff will be given with the fundraising.

Preserving Innocence Children Foster Home is looking forward to include more staff as the member of charity will increase. There are around 2 corporate charity member of the organization that are providing funds that are helping in infrastructure and other pre requisite things. BBC Children in Need funds will allow initiating the ...
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