Job Description And Recruitment Process

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Job Description and Recruitment and Selection Processes

Job Description and Recruitment and Selection Processes


The job position which I have chosen for the research report is of an “Executive Director-Fundraising”. The job position is of an education institute by the name of “Park Land College”. Following are the components of the detailed job description regarding this position.

Job Position details

Reporting to the Director Advancement, the Executive Director - Fundraising is primarily responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive Capital Campaign funding capital projects that will advance and grow Parkland College. The primary responsibility is to meet and exceed sustainable fundraising goals geared to support the annual funding requirements

Job Factors

Execute Capital Campaign plan

Provide leadership to the Campaign Chair, Campaign Cabinet members, and the CEO.

Develop and execute a long term strategic Capital Campaign plan.

Lead the organization and implementation of research activities such as designing questionnaires, conducting focus groups and telephone interviews, etc. to collect sensitive and confidential data sources

Create comprehensive communication and public relations strategies to meet the goals of each segment of the campaign.

Create a donor recognition and stewardship strategy.

Develop and implement policies, procedures, and guidelines as required and related to the Capital Campaign.

Ensure timely reports are made available to the CEO, Senior Management, Board of Directors, College Management Team, Campaign Chair, Ministry and other partners as required.

Build Awareness and Campaign Support

Work in partnership with the marketing department to develop and implement a communication plan to internal Parkland College employees.

Communicate regularly with internal staff regarding progress of campaign and gather staff input to improve efficiency in meeting campaign goals.

Develop and deliver training for Board, CEO, and Campaign Cabinet chair on fundraising fundamentals and campaign protocols.

Leads development of charitable culture within Parkland College.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Extensive knowledge and experience in professional fundraising, plan development, donor relations, marketing and communications.

Exceptional ability to communicate, influence and interact with corporate executives, ministry and other external members.

Knowledge of and experience in fundraising activities philanthropy and the ability to understand the culture of the workplace.

Reporting Relationships

The executive director is responsible for reporting to the director of the company. This job description does not require any direct supervision. The JD involves meeting new people, this frequent travel is required.

Education and Experience

The qualifications essential to perform the functions of this position are a degree from a recognized institution, and a certificate in fund raising, event planning or non-profit management supplemented by five to seven years' professional experience directing major fundraising campaigns.


Various methods of recruitment can be explored in the recruitment process. These sources are divided into internal and external sources.

Internal sources

In some instances the filling of vacancies from within the company is accomplished by transfers or promotions. However, when promoting an employee, the seniority should not be the sole basis for promotion, as due regard should be paid to skills and competence (Cloete, 1995). The exploring of internal sources is based on the following techniques or strategies:

Skills ...
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