Sprint - Recruitment And Selection Criteria

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Sprint - Recruitment and Selection Criteria

Sprint - Recruitment and Selection Criteria


The paper attempts to enlighten the concept of human resource management and its operations of an organization. The chosen organization is Sprint and the all human resource practices addressed in the paper relate to this organization alone. The paper first locates a job description online for the organization, which is Manager - Base Management Marketing Communications, and specifies the position details, job duties, performance standards and job factors. It then identifies and briefs about the recruitment and selection methods that are employed in Sprint. The paper also develops a concept map summarizing the steps involved in the recruitment and selection criteria for an employee using the selected job description integrating the actual concept map in the paper. The paper also includes the rationale for the overall selection of organization chosen and the job title discussed.


The concept of Human Resource practice in Sprint is divided into three major categories, which include the job description summary, requirement and selection process, and concept map before providing the rationale in conclusion. These three categories are explained under the respective headings in the paper here onwards.

Job Description Summary

For this week's paper on recruitment and selection criteria the team has chosen the company Sprint. The job description the team will discuss is on the position as a Manger, Base Management Marketing Communications. The manager will handle multiple tasks, which include (Sprint, 2012):

Manage, develop, plan, coordinate, and market the company's products and services.

Provide leadership in Consumer and Business addressable marketing communications.

Manage a group of supervisors. Develop department goals, objectives, and enforce operational policies.

Handle the strategic planning, development, production, distribution and reporting of marketing communication campaigns.

Responsible for the department hiring, termination, performance management, and salary decisions.

Handle the strategic planning, development, production, distribution and reporting of marketing communication campaigns.

The qualifications of the position require the applicant to have a Bachelors degree and a minimum eight years of work related experience. The applicant must have a background in supervisory roles, marketing, and consulting. One must be creative, innovative, and possess strong written and oral communication skills.

Recruitment and Selection Methods

Recruitment and selection is the fundamental human resource process followed by every small and large firm. This process is guided by a company's need for manpower in the phases of company's expansion or when a company needs to fill any existing vacancy within the company (Paauwe, 2004). Human resource teams need to follow this process to get the best candidates for their company. In the preliminary stage, a comprehensive analysis is required for the current job position to understand the nature of the job.

After the analysis of job description and identification of the prospective candidate's profile, Sprint will get an overall idea about where the human resource team should focus more during the recruitment phase. For the purpose, the human resource team needs to make sure that the recruitment process will be in structural framework of Sprint (Hong, 2009). Selection process in Sprint is the most important part of human resource management ...
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