Managing Innovation

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Managing Innovation Dell Computers

Managing Innovation Dell Computers

Company Profile

Dell Computer has always been one of the most envied (Darlin 2006, Pp.121-135). The creation of Dell Inc emerged from the hands of Michael Dell founded in 1984 that, given the growing need for models of personal computers and business insight to just software developers from Microsoft, now 25 years later has sold over 20 million computers a year and that its actions since June 1988 when it went public until now have tripled, despite the massive drop in price during the crisis (Darlin 2006, Pp.121-135). The quality in the case of Dell does not refer directly to the product, but the rapid and reliable place for all needs that require their customers, from technical assistance, through the commercial support and services without forgetting aftermarket. It is the production quality that makes Dell number one.

Its trademark method of trading products to customers, business and one-by-one buyers emanates from the Dell Direct form, a Web-enabled infrastructure that permits customers to customize their PCs and alignment other goods they require or desire. This virtual integration structure eradicates they require to construct everything, and rather than benefits the power of the Internet to share and exchange information with suppliers and vendors to construct a better supply string of links that hold inventory revenue reduced and costs to a minimum. Constantly altering expertise exactly influences Dell's success (Anderson, 1999, Pp.69-96). The principal method Dell uses in alignment to accomplish and maintain their comparable advantage is an exclusive, direct to customer business pattern. The Internet is Dell's key achievement constituent which results in smaller costs to customers than other retailers because customers notify Dell precisely what they want and Dell conceives goods for the consumer without experiencing useless assets in production (Lipton, 2007, Pp.122-136).

Main Competitors

The following companies are the major competitors of Dell Inc.

Hewlett-Packard Company

International Business Machines Corporation

NEC Corporation

Toshiba Corporation

Lenovo Group Limited

Acer Inc.

Hitachi, Ltd.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Sony Corporation

ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

SWOT Analysis

Dell Corporation has successfully accomplished a firm position in the market and has been defending it with substantial value of its brand. Nevertheless, slow trends in its growth in the personal computer market have impacted Dell in a negative way (Darlin 2006, Pp.121-135).


One of the biggest strengths of Dell computers is that it is the World's largest personal computer maker. It has been a market leader for the last few years and has successfully retained its market position (Dell and Fredman 1999, Pp.189-195). It is one of the well known and trusted computer brands in the world. It deals directly with customers by cutting the retailers. It employs information and communication technology (ICT) and applied it to customer relationship management (CRM) strategies to gather information on its existing and potential customers. Dell provides customized personal computers to its customers. The customer can provide specification to dell computers on its website, and the customized system is shipped through courier. Dell possesses complete control on its supply chain (Bake, 2000, ...
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