Market Segmentation And Product Positioning

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Market Segmentation and Product Positioning

Market Segmentation and Product Positioning Frappulicious coffee

Frappulicious coffee is a low calorie coffee producing company in Washington DC. This company deals with the production of coffee according to improved tastes. This coffee also includes different flavors, and the focus of the company is to capture the target market. This company is also focusing on producing confectionaries items such as cup cakes, biscuits and other items. Different strategies have been made regarding the marketing of the products. As the slogan of this company explains that the “coffee delivers fresh roasted aroma of coffee”. This shows the quality of the product. The best thing about this coffee is that it has a strong focus on quality and low calorie coffee as according to the life style of people, as people are conscious about their diet (Anthony, 1992).

Branding Strategies

Frappulicious coffee should focus on its branding strategies by heavily promoting itself through print advertising, and providing a community atmosphere in the store. Branding strategy is defined as the new strategy which is linked to the parent strategy. Since Frappulicious coffee since it has started producing other products. The cupcakes and confectionaries items produced are linked with the coffee's brand name, color which appears prominently in the brand name. It is highly recommended that the parent brand should be strong enough to support the children brand. Since, it is a new company so it should develop strong branding strategies so that the market can grow. This choice of branding strategy is the key factor in the development of the line extension (Anthony, 1992).

Brand strategy linked to a single product and its unique positioning. The consequence of this strategy is that each new product is given a name, old-fashioned and that the company has a portfolio of brands that match your portfolio.

Pricing strategies

One of the strategy Frappulicious coffee should focus is its store size and layout. The chain's expansion model should always be able to pick the right sites in terms of demographics and then work around the location, tweaking its prototype to fit available real estate, Frankel notes. As long as Frappulicious coffee does it due diligence and sticks with this strategy, it should be able to find more opportunities in the domestic market (Anthony, 1992).

While the chain is at or near the point of saturation in big cities, it has room to grow in secondary and tertiary markets. In New York City, for example, brokers Retail Traffic spoke with say Frappulicious coffee is looking into opening a greater number of stores in the outer boroughs, where it hasn't build up as much of a presence as it has in Manhattan. In suburbia, Frappulicious coffee has also been putting more of a focus on finding drive-through locations, where customers can grab cup of coffee to go on their way to work (Anthony, 1992).

At this point, the chain has become enough of a mainstay in the consumer's mind that it doesn't necessarily need to be in ...
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