Marketing Challenges

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Marketing Challenges

Marketing Challenges

Scenario 1: Insurance coverage for preventive services

Analyze this scenario from the perspective of either the insurance company or the family physician.

After looking at the scenario, it can be said that being the family physician, it is the responsibility of the physician to give the best possible advice to his or her patients. Looking at the scenario, it can be said that the physician in this case also told his patient that she did not require the mammograms, as she already had a mammogram 4 months earlier (Schoen, 2010). Therefore, she advised that she did not need the mammogram, but if she was wishing to have it, the physician would refer her for it. Therefore, the physician referred her, as she was willing to have it. Speaking of the cost of the mammogram that she had to pay by herself, as her insurance company was not covering it, because of the fact that the insurance company only covered the mammogram on an annual basis, and she had already had it once in the same year. She was of the view that her insurance company not concerned with her health. They just wanted to save their money also that no such thing mentioned to her before. The insurance company responded by saying that the physician should have informed her about this (Schoen, 2010).

The family doctors are medical officers, primarily responsible for providing comprehensive and continuing care to every individual seeking medical care irrespective of sex, age and type of pathology. They care for individuals in the context of their family, their community and culture, always respecting the autonomy of their patients. They know they also have a professional responsibility to the community in which they work. When negotiating management plans with patients integrate physical, psychological, social, cultural and existential, utilizing the knowledge and confidence gained in the course of repeated contact (Schoen, 2010). The general practitioners / family physicians exercise their appropriate role by promoting health, preventing disease and providing cure, care, or palliation. This done directly or through the services of others according to health needs and available resources in the community in which they inserted, and assisting patients where necessary in accessing these services. They must take the responsibility to develop and maintain their professional skills, personal balance and values as a basis for effective and safe patient care. It can be seen here that the role and responsibilities of a family doctor does not specify anywhere the responsibility of a family physician to detail his or her patient about the insurance coverage plan. His duties and responsibilities only ask him to think about the better health of his or her patient, and to give them the best possible treatment or advice for the treatment (Schoen, 2010).

Therefore, in this case, it can be said that the marketing challenge exists, as the customer, Ms. Doe was not communicated about the coverage plan of the insurance company. The insurance company was of the view that the coverage plan ...
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