Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Strategy

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LG History5

Production of first washing machine in Korea.5

Presentation of the company and the Brand9

Reliable brands for Washing Machine9

Market Situation11

Reputation and Image13

Presentation of LG products13

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Political Factor18

Economic factor18

Socio-Cultural factor18

Technological factor18






Position strategies20

Competitive Analysis21

Marketing Strategy21

Corporate Strategy22


Marketing Strategy


The use of washing machines has increased sharply in the 1990s, until saturation of the market shortly after 2000. Initially reserved for social elite for professional use, it has spread to become the preferred means of communication for many people. Today the huge commercial success and the intense competition that results are emerging social phenomena. The LG Group was a merger of two Korean companies from which the abbreviation of LG was derived. "Life's Good" the current slogan is an acronym. Before changing the company name to LG brand products are sold home luck, while electronic products were sold under the brand name Gold Star. The mark of the gold star is still perceived as a discount brand. In 1995, Gold Star called LG Electronics and Zenith Electronics acquired from the United States.

LG History

Founded in 1958 in South Korea, the company Lucky Goldstar is one of the largest global manufacturers in the fields of home appliances and consumer electronics. Adapting conventional household tools to new technologies (washing machine incorporating touch screens, coffee machines incorporating the Internet tool, quotes of the CAC 40 and the outside temperature) LG has succeeded in placing himself crazy as the reference in the technology sector. In a saturated market where competitive pressure is heavy, innovation is the only way to boost demand significantly and LG has become indispensable to all consumers by offering products gadgets and expanding its product range.It is this company known worldwide for its dynamic marketing and sales that we will now present to you.The 1950s:1958: Creation of Gold star.1959: Production of the first Korean radio The 1960s:1962: Export of the first Korean radio in the United States and Hong Kong.1965: Production of the first Korean refrigerator.1966: Production of the first black and white TV in Korea.1968: Production of the first air conditioner Korean.1969: Production of first washing machine in Korea. 

The 1970s1974: GoldStar communicate with the public.1977: Production of color television.1978: The turnover of export exceeds U.S. $ 100 million and Goldstar place at the head of Korean industrial companies. The 1980s1980: Opening of the first European sales subsidiary in Germany (LGEWG).1982: Opening of a color television plant in Huntsville in the United States.1984: Revenues exceed 1 trillion Won.1986: Opening of a VCR factory in Germany to European standards.1989: Opening of a sales subsidiary and a production unit in Thailand. The 1990s

1990: Opening of Technology Center-Design Ireland.1993: Opening of the subsidiary Huizhou (China) and marketing developments in China.1995: The company changes name, creates the LG brand and bought Zenith in the United States.1997: Development of 40 inch PDP TV and the first IC set for DTVOpening of the production subsidiary in India (LGEIL).1998: World's first 60 inch PDP TV in the world.1999: Creation of a joint venture with ...
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