Marketing Strategy For Addidas And Nike

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Marketing Strategy for Addidas and Nike

Marketing Strategy for Addidas and Nike


It is 1993 and the Adidas fair items business is bankrupt. Since its inception in the 1920s, Adidas monopolized the sporting goods commerce until the 1970s. During this time fierce competition emerged from competitor businesses like Nike and Reebok. In fact, both Nike and Reebok at the time of the case composing had taken the lead in market share over Adidas. Management of the Adidas Company is in disarray and the Company's new creditors have turned to Robert Louis-Dreyfus for help in rotating the company around.

SWOT Analysis

Adidas Strength

Adidas's large-scale strengths are its long history in the sporting goods enterprise, presences in Europe, lead in the sales of Soccer and pathway and area Sports gear, and German heritage. Adidas should use its legacy conceived in the sporting good commerce in advocating campaigns as well as its German heritage. Adidas's larger understanding of European culture should give it an benefit in periods of trading in Europe. Women in soccer and the growth of attractiveness of soccer in the U.S. are both very big. Adidas should use soccer, track and area, and the fact that Germans are renowned for their engineering capabilities as an application point to profiting market share in the U.S.


Adidas's overhead is 13% higher in periods of percentage of revenues than Reebok and 17% higher than Nike's. This expanded overhead is not a result of an excessive advocating budget, since only 6% of Adidas sales goes toward advertising and 10% of Nike's sales goes to marketing. The biggest opening that Adidas has is to decrease overhead by reorganizing its management structure and decreasing the price that Adidas pays in leases and lease by divesting its in-house output facilities.

Adidas's marketing department has become complacent over the years. Their promotional method of advertising does not work. When going to a expert sporting happening, persons do not glimpse the minute brands on the athletes' shoes from the top decks. Instead, they do glimpse gigantic colorful billboards with logos such as 'Just Do It' and prime time advertisements of Michael Jordan banging a basketball in a two of Nike shoes. Trimming up Adidas's overhead charges will free up money for added trading assets and schemes.

Adidas has long lead times on its products and the consignment of its goods is not reliable. The outcome of these kinds of problems in its supply string of links is a lack of inventory command and the reason why Adidas has poor command over its inventory and lead the commerce in clearance sales at 30% of production. The circulation data supplied in the case composing is not very simple to understand. It does emerge from the data granted that Adidas's attempt to sell in the U.S. through subsidiaries locations it at a cost disadvantage, since Nike deals directly to distributors.


Footwear and textiles for fitness undertakings is by far the large-scale growing and large-scale segment of the fair items ...
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