Marketing Study And Segmentation Problem

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Marketing study and Segmentation Problem

Marketing study and Segmentation Problem

Marketing Research and Segmentation Problem


If you look Lifestyle word in the dictionary, you will find the definition of a lifestyle or life style that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group. "Whereas, this does not concern much selling, or buying habits of consumers. Another definition is more relevance and importance of marketing is" a way of life refers to a mode of consumption, how he spends her time and money." (Gupta, 2005: 70)

A marketing perspective shows how living people are classified into groups based on the work they want, how they spend their free time, and how they spend their disposable income. It provides an opportunity for the marketing strategies of market segmentation. Market segmentation is the selection of groups of people that would be most receptive to a product. This is done by using the same demographic (variables such as age, gender, race, income, employment, education, household status, and geographical location) and psychographics (variables such activities, interests, opinions, practices, product usage, product benefits, and the subject of this research paper lifestyles).

Lifestyles are much more than how a person chooses to spend their extra income. This is a statement of who we are in society, and who is not. Self-definition of the group by its members is based on the common system of symbols which the group is dedicated (Termorshuizen at al., 1986).

If lifestyle marketing perspective is used, then we need to examine models of behavior to understand consumers. We can better understand how patterns of life and related products are looking at options to consumers in a variety of product categories, and identifying all products and services associated with a type living in consumers' minds (Goldstein, 2007).

In other words, we must define the consumption constellations (groups of products used by consumers to define socialize and play their role in society) and discover the products complementary to each product complementarily (other, when the symbolic meanings of products are related to each other).

Two households can share very similar demographic characteristics and yet quite different because of the personality traits and lifestyles of the occupants. Combining the variables of personality and lifestyle preferences of marketing psychographics (the use of psychological, sociological and anthropological to determine how the market is segmented by the propensity of the group market, and why do a decision about a product, ideology person, or otherwise hold a method or use a copy)

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