Marketing Research And Segmentation Problem

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Marketing Research and Segmentation Problem

Marketing Research and Segmentation Problem

The facility which will be introduced in this research report is the Electronic Medical Billing facility. EMR (Electronic Medical Billing) software is a specifically designed suite with features that are meant to be useful at any medical care facility (Berkowitz, 2006). Thus no matter what kind of a medical care facility you have, you are likely to be facing all the common problems of running medical care facilities. This includes queue management, records management, internal communications (including inter-departmental and inter-divisional communication), billing and accounts. These are all the common problem areas that demand that you deploy a huge amount of your time and resources to handle these areas.

Demographic Profile of Potential Payments

The key to the success of any business is to reach the right person in the right time. Hospital and Healthcare Management is there to give you the best services within the sector through its various marketing channels.

All we request you is to identify the right time and leave the rest on the highly experience team of Hospital & Healthcare Management.

“We are there to place your message across to right people from your desired targeted market to give you the maximum returns on you Dollar spend” - Team Hospital & Healthcare Management.

The Key of Hospital & Healthcare Management is our highly targeted distribution program.

Hospital & Healthcare Management have an all together readership of 68,000 (publisher's survey) across the globe. This paper studies the demographic profiles of elderly homeowners in the United States who are in poverty, and who can use reverse mortgages to raise their economic status (Gilbert, 2000). The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) reverse mortgage is simulated using the HECM Worksheet Program and the American Housing Survey of 1991 data in order to compute the magnitude of gains from reverse mortgages. The demographic profiles of households who gain from reverse mortgages are developed in terms of age, household type, race or ethnicity, region, and location. The demographic profiles reveal that households headed by divorced, widowed, or separated women constitute a large majority of homeowners in poverty with potential gains from reverse mortgages (Chartered Institute of Marketing, 2004). Results from an analytical model of the determinants of potential gains from reverse mortgages indicate that such gains are systematically higher for -- households headed by never-married males, and by divorced, widowed, or separated females; whites compared to African-Americans; households in North-eastern and Southern urban suburbs; and those who do not receive public assistance.

Business Segment

Private Hospital

Public Hospitals







Asian Hospital & Healthcare Management is published quarterly with a paid circulation of over 90,000 copies and is distributed across Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and USA (Bogue, 2000). This includes 15,000 readers who receive the print copies and another 75,000 readers who receive e-book copies

Market segmentation is a useful business tool to identify new and expanded ways to improve services and enhance revenues. This tool identifies unique subsets of the population to target for specialized services and marketing initiatives (Appiah, ...
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