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Marriott International Hotels

Marriott International Hotels


Marriott International is a worldwide operator and franchisor of hotels and related products, including accommodation facilities. Its heritage can be traced to the founder of the Willard hotel experience j, a Mormon missionary, was operating the root beer stand. He and his wife, Alice, opened the stand in Washington, DC, in 1927.

Marriott International is an international operator and franchisor of hotels accommodation and related facilities. The company's business is divided into five major business markets: North American full service lodging, accommodation with limited services in North America, international hotels, luxury accommodation and timeshare. Its development, functions and franchises hotels and property management to stay unique brand name, its function and market development, timeshare, fractional ownership and residential properties in four different brand name. The business also provides services to family / Apartment Owners Association, one of the tasks, its subsidiary brands.

Since the completion of the fiscal year January 1, 2010 (fiscal 2009), business and franchise lodging properties 3,420 international and 595 461 rooms, including 30 homes and apartments in the product (3,034 units), and organize relevant Operators association.

In additional, it provides the 2072 business accommodation rental units. In fiscal 2009, it operates 1,098 properties (280,130 rooms) in the long-term management agreement, property owners, 35 properties (9,277 rooms) under long-term lease of the house is definitely the owner (management and lease agreement, while the operation of the agreement) , and 8 properties (1,785 rooms) for the state. Full-service lodging brands includes; (Seigh, 2011)

Marriott Hotels & Resorts

Marriott Conference Centers

JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts

The Ritz-Carlton

Renaissance Hotels & Resorts

Bulgari Hotels & Resorts

Marriott Hotels & Resorts

They provide the company's global flagship brand, the main service in urban areas, urban and rural areas, and tourist attractions near the airport location business and leisure travel, conference groups. (Sorenson, 2011)

Marriott's Strategy over the last 3 years

2010 Agenda

Marriot has decided to focus more on revenue-focus set of targets. They will be more concerned about their customers. They will make sure that they are serving them in the best possible manner. They have started a promotional activity, Marriott Rewards, and all other tools that will help them to increase their profitability and their market share. They have even decided to do cross management at the hotel level as they want to make sure that they are providing the good service to their guest, to help their owners and franchisees get through this weak economic cycle. (Kevin, 2009)

Marriott's New Sales Force Strategy

A new sales structure has been launched by Marriott International. A wide range of customer-centric company initiatives designed to simplify the sales process for customers and untapped market penetration purposes. Sales structure allows customers to use the main point of contact, who represents all the brands and performance, Marriott, in theory, to meet all the needs of our customers one-stop fashion.

The new sales force, sales strategy actively generate new leads and opportunities, through organizations and penetrating untapped markets. Studies show that the personal property reported that they lack the ...
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