Maturity Model For Computer Networking Defence

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Maturity Model for Computer Networking Defence

Maturity Model for Computer Networking Defence


According to statistics, less than 20% of the projects are completed on cost, schedule, scope and level of quality. The factors are many, and some of them commented in other articles: When we talk about software development processes, we are not talking about purely technical issues because it is shown that most problems are organizational. More and more organizations are concerned with the implementation of quality models in software development (Andrew, 2006).

There are many initiatives, the most important

The ISO 9000 and 15504

The Capability Maturity Model (CMM) developed at the SEI (Software Engineering Institute) of Carnegie Mellon University, USA.

In goal is to improve software development processes so projects more predictable (time and costs), reduces the risks in development (with the consequent cost savings), etc. In many organizations, technical experts have been thriving, and responsible work dealing without being properly prepared, can be technically qualified but have serious deficiencies in management tasks. The fundamental problem is that companies have consolidated in the informal and unstructured processes that lead an insignificant predictable and repeatable development. If we have a process for two projects in a similar way to how can we be able to assess the future cost of a project? (Chris, 2008).

Introduction to CMM

The government of Defense, to ensure that their suppliers meet minimum standards of quality required to be certified in CMM. The success of the model was extended to other disciplines such as system engineering, procurement, etc. creating variations of CMM.

Like everything in this life changing CMM methodologies has expanded and now has appeared CMMI is evolution of CMM and integrates the differing quality models.

Capability Maturity Model for Software (SW-CMM) v2.0 draft C,

Electronic Industries Alliance Interim Standard (EIA / IS) 731

Integrated Product Development Capability Maturity Model (IPD-CMM) v0.98.

We will try to comment on that is (roughly) and see how it fits the reality of the development to their achievement.

CMM Disciplines

CMMI is applied to 4 different disciplines, and we can choose one to focus on is the specifics. Each discipline has a Word template to help his explanation and follow-up:

Engineering Systems - Covers the construction of a software system with or without

Software Engineering - Covers the construction of software solutions

Integrating product and process development - covers the long-term relationship with the client.

Relationship with suppliers - Covers the processes related to the outsourcing of parts of the system

We will focus on software development.

CMMI maturity models

Well guess what you have captured. There will be similar to those for blocks in the other two point level for the rest of levels. As we can see if each level has certain requirements, each requirement has these vital tasks and unimportant tasks in turn, as we do not use any tool, it is easy to lose track (Christos, 1998).


Intrusion detection system is generally known acronym (in English : IDS) is a very important issue to be interest in him in order to protect our data and our privacy and so on, a program or device designed to detect attempts to access the computer system unwanted or attempt to disable This system in general and manipulated, through a network, ...
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