Mcdonalds Organizing Paper

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McDonalds Organizing Paper

McDonalds Organizing Paper


Fast food sector is working with success and progress throughout the world, where every company is looking for a niche market and McDonald's has its own world. Today, the most famous victories "Big Mac" hamburger companies on five continents and is becoming a common point on the planet. Today we taught about McDonald's, a leap made by U.S. companies, leaving the original market (United States) to conquer the world with its quality. Obviously, the secret of success is to provide unbeatable value for money (Arvedlund, 2005).

McDonald's products and customer surveys to monitor the quality of services and existing infrastructure into a great effort to improve the method of making hamburgers, to streamline operations, reduce costs, service speed, to create greater value to customers. McDonald's with a very strict system operation. Everything has a certain rule from the refrigerator between the walls and creates a precise temperature and distance of fried potatoes. All of these methods are particularly described in the manual. The companies said that for the fast service, the original concept of the new market and provide consumers with excellent attention to details of products and services. McDonald's, to its competitors, makes way through its integration into chains with suppliers and customers in order to establish a coherent system, to maximize the benefits (Caldwell, 2003).

Discussion and Analysis

First, in the history of fast food has been opened in 1948 in San Bernardino, California (USA) by the McDonald brothers. He gave a new business, to be prepared to provide meals, high speed and streamlining the service system, replacing the paper bags, napkins (Bryan, 2007).

The sale of a limited menu and a large number of successful new restaurants. Ray Kroc, the mixer supplier movement, it is surprising request "multi mixer, the number of visitors the McDonald brothers in 1954. Thus, in 1955 the company set up by the end of 50, Ray Kroc the first store and 60, a visionary Ray Kroc and his management team has successfully installed the operating system of McDonald's philosophy: service, quality, value and cleanliness.

There are currently more than 26,000 sales in 126 countries and five continents, this is the golden arches and hamburgers sold about 145 points per second. Their success is great, in fact, the U.S. retail customers more profitable business over 10 years. It is growing rapidly, the world market to open a 3 to 8 pm daily average. All countries in all parts of the standard menu, although every culture has developed products to meet specific community of the taste (Jayachandran, 2006).

For example, in Germany, some restaurants serve beer and wine from the French. Food prepared in accordance with local laws, for example, the Arab Islamic law, Jewish culture in Israel, the Jewish cooking what the real product, not the milk menu. McDonald's lead the market, most of which are not likely to rival the introduction of human, technical, or financial resources to cope with this, such as McDonald's ...
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