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Media Campaign

Media Campaign


Media campaign for GEP Charitable Foundation for new services with the people who really need charity. The IMC team is confident that this service will be well received in the market and has developed a communication campaign to show what great service we are. The marketing organization understands the importance of getting the message of the market aimed at ensuring the success of the service offered exclusively by GEP Charitable Foundation. A problem with campaign strategies Messenger is designed to capture the interest of consumers, the desire to create the product and influence people to offer us a charity. Much of this campaign is to determine the right budget and the way the money goes to the source of media to influence the target audience. The following defines the theme of the campaign message, the budget, the media and options important to the success of GEP Charitable Foundation, the new service. Campaign Theme

To attract the attention of the target GEP Charitable Foundation will use the technology called Full Access (FACT) as a campaign issue of the newly integrated charity services. The simplicity of F.A.C.T. earn people's attention and start asking questions. The service is new and should be explained to demonstrate the ease and cost-effectiveness of this new service. Stay ahead of the competition with a theme that quickly became consumers and information on what this means for the public (Clow & Baack, 2004). Messaging Strategies

The advertising campaign F.A.C.T. service will be through the television in prime time, which shows the various cultural programs. This approach was taken with the radio, newspapers, mailings, billboards and the Internet, and commercial channels, including business men( Through the evaluation of competition, decisions will be taken to secure a market share of competitors. This will also help GEP Charitable Foundation to decide the duration of the media campaign to get the message to the public. The GEP Charitable Foundation criteria that must be fulfilled in accordance with (

The communication shall be paid for

The communication must be delivered to an audience through the media

The communication must be to try to persuade (p. 12)

The plan is to get the public on the benefits of the service and the desire to be included in this innovative program that will keep in touch with those who really need their help.

Media Campaign Budget

To ensure success in the market, GEP ...
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