Mentoring In Nursing

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Mentoring in Nursing

Mentoring in Nursing


Mentoring is a connection between an experienced individual and a less skilled person for the purpose of helping the one with less experience. The mentor seeks the advice and support of the more experienced person. Mentors response inquiries in relation to the jobs that their protégés need to do well in reaching their goals. The mentor provides wisdom, guidance and therapy as mentees advance their habits, vocations or education. Despite widespread clues of the notion of mentoring in nursing, it has been mostly undefined, scrounged from other disciplines, viewed as static, and/or bewildered with associated terms. While considering mentorship as a way of progression in the profession, it is important for the nurse to think critically and objectively about what this role entails. Nurses who are considering becoming involved in student supervision and mentorship in any clinical setting should have knowledge of the importance of mentorship, its process and basic principles.

Critical Reflection

What is a mentor?

Mentor is a trusted counselor or educator, an influential experienced sponsor or supporter. Those who are considered mentors are able to advice, teach, and guide others. Mentors must look for principles and expertise, while simultaneously identifying areas of improvement in themselves. Mentors should offer help and recommendations without assisting too much. Suggest asserted, a mentor should be an ally but who can supply a "swift kick" when needed. (Mosely 2008)

Role of mentor, teacher, coach and preceptor

Role of mentor is different to coach, preceptor and teacher in a way that mentor needs to be influential, must have command on what he does, he should have expertise in the field, compared to the role of coach who has to organize, lead and teach his students, he has to fulfill various other responsibilities, a teacher is a person who needs training and experience to become a teacher. Mentor is different to a preceptor in a way that preceptor has to ensure that students are participating in appropriate learning, monitoring as assessing students developments along with that. (Jennifer 2008) The similarity of mentor's role in comparison to a coach, preceptor and teacher is that basically all of them are helping students gain knowledge and expertise. As mentor is required to have command over his expertise, same is the case with coach, teacher and preceptor, all of them need to be educated and experienced in their respective domain. (Marie 2005)

What is the value of a mentor?

A mentor can help assess strengths and weaknesses, as well as help develop skills for success and a long-range career plan. If mentor is in the same organization he can foster your sense of belonging within the organization, help navigate the company culture and politics, as well as let know who the organization's key players are. He can also work through career and workplace problems with assistance. A mentor can supply a new viewpoint, a new way of looking at a difficulty or issue. Look for a relationship in which the mentor is more coach than adviser, one in which the mentor ...
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