Nurse Mentoring Barriers

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Nurse Mentoring Barriers

Nurse Mentoring Barriers


Time is the major barrier to effective mentoring of new nurses in the emergency department.

Methodological Framework

This section basically deals with the formulation of a comprehensive methodology to comply with the requirement of proposed research study. Though, the research is undertaken to get findings about a topic by taking into consideration some facts, experiences, concepts, hypotheses, principles and laws. A well designed research defines the problem clearly, takes on proper technique, discourses objective evidence, argues logically and provides valuable inferences which provides the researcher with practical insight of complete study. It is critically important to carefully select the appropriate methodology for research by considering purpose of study, research questions and available resource. The process of research design leads the research towards accomplishing concrete research. If researcher makes the best selection and uses this step appropriately he or she can get much valid results

Research Instrument

The proposed case study is following the primary research technique of data collection methods. Therefore, in accordance with the research study, the instrument that has been used in producing the required data is intensive interviews. The research study aimed at exploring some new aspects in relation to the targeted phenomenon applying phenomenological trends. In this relevance unstructured form of interviews are more helpful as compared to other methods of data collection. Though, the researcher has already made a freebie questionnaire to scale the responses of interviewees, he had also the option to add some more questions at the time of interview. Even in reply to a question another question could be formed while following the technique of data collection through unstructured sort of interviews. For this reason, the researcher had also added some extra questions to note the immediate responses of the participants towards the different aspects of the study.

Data Collection

The interviews followed the format of unstructured pattern. In this connection, interviewee was asked number of questions to address the research questions proposed under the research study. Before, conducting the interviews researcher will take the appointment and reach the destination himself before the time to avoid any inconvenience. As far as the process of taking interviews is concerned, the researcher will recorded all the interviews with the help of tape recorder besides taking notes on writing pad for the purpose of generating more sophisticated and significant results.

Barriers in Effective Monitoring

First we start from a statement, which obviously is not simple but remember, time is elastic, so if we cannot increase, we must settle for using it is at our disposal. Admitted that, as a second step, we must come to the conclusion that since it is a scarce resource is necessary to administer. Time is one of the most important resources that exist because of this, we must keep in mind that we can exploit and take advantage of our time must be and stay organized. In order takes advantage of the time and know what you want to do, what you are doing and what lies ...
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