Microsoft Corporation Fitness Landscape Translation Analysis

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Microsoft Corporation Fitness Landscape Translation Analysis

Microsoft Corporation Fitness Landscape Translation Analysis


The concept of adaptive landscape (fitness landscapes or adaptive landscapes in English) was developed by the American Sewall Wright (1889-1988), one of the fathers of the science of genetics. An example of an adaptive landscape is that it is prepared by the same Sewall Wright. We're seeing it from above: the crosses (+) denote the high and hyphens (-) low. Adaptive landscapes can be constructed for individuals, but more commonly are constructed for group of individuals, such as species.

It is to represent the set of all possible bodies, that is to say all genotypes, using an abstract space equipped with a sibling relationship. The neighborhood defines the possibility in the landscape of shifting between two genotypes. In addition, each genotype is associated with a "high", indicating its fitness value i.e. adaptation. The fitness landscape is one of the concepts relevant to model the evolution of a population of organisms. In the field of evolutionary algorithms (EA) is also used concept of fitness landscape on an optimization problem.

In this case, the in-seems genotypes is the set of potential solutions to the problem, two solutions are called neighbors when the local operator can switch from one to the other, and finally, the fitness function is to maximize the objective (or cost to minimize). Formally, we use the usual definition and notation. The purpose of this paper is to for understand and explain the internal dynamics of an I.T industry by using the fitness landscape analysis tool.

Microsoft is a big corporate company that originally started with the development of computer programs. Currently covers many areas of business from PC operating systems to create a TV platform. Microsoft has become the world leader in software, services and Internet technologies for consumers and businesses. The headquarters is in Redmond - (U.S.) although it has subsidiary offices in over 70 countries worldwide (Banerjee 2003, pp. 187).

Economic activity in the focusing is' Computer code 72 located under the Spanish National Classification of Economic Activities. With over 55,000 employees worldwide, bill to more than 30,000 million dollars to its sales and services (Banerjee 2003, pp. 187).


A fitness landscape is like the surface of the earth has mountains and valleys. The mountains are a good fit, and poor valleys. An individual, who is on a mountain, is well suited, as an individual in a valley is poorly adapted. However, just as a climber can climb real mountains, the individual can climb the mountains in the fitness landscape, through natural selection that increases the adaptation (fitness) of the individual (Mitchell 2006, pp.14).

As the surface of the earth, in which each point is identified by its latitude and longitude coordinates, in the fitness landscape every point has its coordinates, x and y, representing some genetic parameters (or other characteristics) of the individual under consideration. Of these parameters depends on the location of the individual in the fitness landscape, ...
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