Microsoft Investment Analysis

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Microsoft Investment Analysis

Microsoft Investment Analysis


Microsoft Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer of PC software. The company offers a wide range of software products and services. The product range extends from Microsoft operating systems for PCs and networks, server software for client-server environments, software applications and desktop applications for businesses and private users as well as multimedia applications, to internet platforms and developer tools. In addition, Microsoft offers online services, computer literature (MS Press) and input devices. In addition, the company's Internet search engine "Bing". In the fall of 2011, Microsoft has taken over Skype, offering its customers through the integration of VoIP software in various products many new communication opportunities.

History of a Vision

1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft. The founding vision was revolutionary: a computer on every desk and in every home. So Gates and Allen brought movement into an industry in which expensive, dominated only by trained experts-use special software. Few agreed with the concept of the "Computer for Everyone" to. The President of Digital Equipment in 1977, said: "There is nothing to suggest that we should have a computer at home."

The customers, however, quickly recognized the benefits of a personal computer. With millions of PC users, Microsoft has developed into world-renowned and globally active companies. After the PC has established itself worldwide as the standard medium for data processing and communications, Microsoft is taking the step to the next generation of software. In the center of business activities now focus on solutions that are optimized for use on the Web. Information can be accessed in the future at anytime, anywhere and from any device.\

Mission and Values

The technical advances of the past three decades have transformed many areas such as work, leisure, and communication greatly. Nowadays, people can take from around the world within seconds of contact with each other and share information of all kinds. Groundbreaking innovations have opened new opportunities and facilitate the lives of many people.

Microsoft has since its inception in 1975, one of the pioneers of this development. To continue to meet this role, we have formulated a mission. It will help us to lose our most important goal to never lose sight of:

The Microsoft mission answers the question "Why Microsoft is developing software." It explains our motivation and the fundamental value proposition of our products and solutions. To realize this mission, it needs well-coordinated and focused Efforts of the whole enterprise. Because there with us a wide range of occupations and tasks, so we focus on fundamental company values, which serve as guidelines for our thinking and acting.

Understanding the Customer

We are in constant close contact with our customers and want to build a deep understanding of their needs and the use of technology. Through information and concrete assistance, we want to create added value for our customers and help them realize their full potential.

New Permit

Through the development of new businesses, we want to expand the offering to our customers continuously. The promotion of young talents and the integration of ...
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