Miles And Flora Personalities 'the Turn Of The Screw'

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Miles and Flora Personalities 'The Turn of the Screw'


The novel of Henry James' Turn of the Screw was one of the most popular and highly ambiguous tales of his time. The novel begins with an introduction in which we have called the UN storyteller who creates the conditions for us. There are so many characters in this novel but in this paper we will analyze the personalities of miles and flora.

Miles and Flora Personalities

Miles Personality

Miles can be a tricky and treacherous toys ghost or just an innocent, extremely well-mannered young boy. Governess repeatedly changed its decision on the matter, leaving the true character of the Miles in the matter. When the governess seems at first mile, she hit him positive fragrance of purity nd the sense that he knew nothing but love. She finds himself relieved of any potential disaster, because he is too handsome to violate the law. But it is also disquieting feeling of emptiness in miles, impersonality and lack of history, as if it is less than real (Gale, pp. 297-326).

When the governess begins with her supernatural encounter, she comes to believe that Miles plotting crimes with his ghostly counterpart, Quint, and whether or not Miles exhibition strange behavior. For example, he planned the incident to the governess would consider it bad, and he steals the letter she wrote to her uncle. Mrs. Grose tells us that Peter Quint was a bad influence on him, but we have no way to measure the extent or precise nature of this impact, and atrocities Miles may be no more than children's pranks. The fact that Miles is otherwise extremely pleasant and well-behaved shows that the sinister quality of his behavior exists only as a governess (Kimbrough, pp 34-289). Governess in the end decided that Miles must be full of rage, believing that he was too sophisticated to be anything other than closing, she bases only on their own subjective impressions and assumptions.

Flora Personality

Like Miles, flora may be either an angel or a devil. It seems quite beautiful girl, even preternaturally so well behaved and a pleasure to be around. The governess believes flora possesses extraordinary charm and the most beautiful baby, she put her eyes. Flora seems, however, have a personality quite different from those glowing descriptions. When the governess questions flora, why she looked out the window, explaining the flora is evasive and unsatisfactory. Flora's next turn at the ...
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