Mission And Vision Essay

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Mission and Vision Essay

Mission and Vision Essay


The mission of the church is to make disciples of all the nations. However the church has lost focus of its mission to reach the lost people outside of the church. Over the last several decades the church has become inwardly focused on itself and its members. This has caused the majority of the churches to be in a serious state of decline to the point that many are on the verge of closing. If the church does not rediscover the biblical model that Jesus gave it, it could lead to the end of the church as people know it. Therefore, all the issues related to Mission and Vision of the Church will be discussed in detail.


With the majority of the churches in America today being in a serious state of decline in membership and denominational churches dying at an alarming rate and closing their doors for good, people need to figure out what is causing this problem and see if it is correctable. The main question that needs to be answered is what is causing the decline in membership and the closing of so many churches in America. This is a serious issue that the church in America cannot continue to ignore. As one looks around, the church is losing its influence not only on its members but also on our society at a rapid rate. If the church does not correct this problem quickly and right the ship, America will no longer be the Christian nation that it once was. Some would go as far as saying people are no longer a Christian nation. This issue should be at the forefront of every church and denomination in the country (Bruce, 1997).

The church needs to turn from its inward focus on itself and look to those on the outside who need help. The church needs to rediscover this is where its focus needs to be also, on those outside the church who need Jesus not those on the inside who already know him. Unfortunately this will not be an easy task because the church has become so steeped in tradition and rituals that this author really do not think the majority of the people sitting in the pews realize that the train has jumped the tracks. This transition process will have to start with the pastors and church leaders who need to ...
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