Mitigation Of Flood

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Mitigation of Flood

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Mitigation of Flood

Floods are a natural occurring happening in the world that is caused by variety of problems when men come in and try to battle with the Mother Nature, such circumstances may happen. Floods are a natural phenomenon that cannot be prevented. However, human activity contributes to an increase in the likelihood and adverse effects of floods. Flood risk and the extent of damage will increase in the future due to climate change, inappropriate river management and construction in flood-prone areas and the increase in people and property in these areas.

Since the risks to better assess and measures taken at national level can be better coordinated. Our essay deals with the mitigation of flood and its impact on the bridges, stress, strain and monitoring the structural integrity of the bridges. The Brisbane City, the city famous for its architectural bridges over the river Brisbane and many bridges which are made in the city often faces flood damages and their stress and strain levels are highly affected with such natural happenings which are not in the favour for the steel and metal (AUSTRALIA, 2002, pp.111-112).

Monitoring Structural Integrity

Bridge pile integrity testing is in the urgent need for effective testing methods, but its upper body is connected so that the test is very difficult, and has become and engineering challenge. Dual speed method of testing technology in the structural integrity is to provide new ideas and testing methods to solve this kind of pile integrity. Dual velocity method in addition to the necessary calculations and analysis techniques, the tester should also have the solid line wave theory, cleverly arranged on-site observation system as well as a wealth of engineering experience.

A Bridge reinforcement and reconstruction needs assessment of the original foundation, of which the Pile Integrity Survey is the ...
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