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Mercy Otis Warren (14 September 1728 - 19 October 1814) is an American historian and author. She is known as the "conscience of the American Revolution, some historians even call him "the first lady of the Revolution." She wrote several plays, anti-British and anti- loyalist between 1772 and 1775 then it was the first to interpret Jeffersonian (anti-federalist) of the Revolution entitled History of the Rise, Progress, and Termination of the American Revolution, published in three volumes in 1805.


The American Revolution was a period of significant political changes caused by the insurrection of the inhabitants of the thirteen colonies of North America against Great Britain in the late eighteenth century. Episode founder of the American nation and the birth of the United States, the revolution were manifested in violence against the British, a war against the mother and social unrest (Davies, 26). 

Women Participation

Women participated in varying degrees to the American Revolution in the 1770s, women patriots boycotted British goods and manufactured their own clothes to avoid importing. They organized protests (Edenton Tea Party in 1774) and the riots that rocked the city of Boston. Some organizations, like the Ladies Association of Philadelphia, raised funds to help the army. Others followed the Continental Army and served the soldiers washing their clothes, cooking, taking care of the wounded and sometimes fighting or spying on the enemy. Some women, like Deborah Sampson disguised themselves to join the army. Others have played an important role of information by passing messages to the troops. Women officers frequently visited the troops, as Martha Washington. 

But women were also victims of war: they were faced with the violence of war. They lived in the threat of rape by soldiers and in some cases were only defending their home. Many of them became widows after the war. Loyalist women had mostly followed their husbands to Canada or the British West Indies. Others chose resistance by refusing to swear allegiance to the new government or by hiding their spouses or their savings (Davies, 97). 

The political role of women during the American Revolution was limited; however, Abigail Adams or Mercy Otis Warren had an influence on. After the Revolution, women were manipulated to teach their children to republican values, to prepare them to become good citizens.

To amortize the cost of the Seven Years War (1756-1763), Great Britain imposed taxes on the thirteen colonies of North America without consulting them; the American colonists protested to King George III and Parliament UK and launched a revolt that tried to stifle the city by sending troops. The juillet, representatives of the colonies met in Philadelphia adopted the Declaration of Independence, and after a series of setbacks for the Continental Army commanded by George Washington, the war against Great Britain turned to the advantage Americans. Insurgents (in English: "insurgents") received the help of volunteers French, and the government of Louis XVI, Spain and the United Provinces. In 1783, London had to recognize the independence of the United States. The new country is endowed with a Constitution (1787) which was inspired by the Enlightenment. George Washington was elected president in 1789, but the early years of the new country were marked by political opposition and social tensions. 

The American Revolution created a ...
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