Motivating Information System Professionals

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Motivating Information System Professionals

Motivating Information System Professionals

Thesis Statement

Successful business analysts tend to have these six character traits in them: they are multi-disciplined, they are inquisitive, they aren't easily ruffled by conflict, they think and act strategically, they are engaging, and they care about the details.


Business analyst is a term that is yet tantamount with a profession in the industry of the information technology; however the most valuable and successful analysts are the ones who comprehend the business instead of the ones who comprehend information technology. By comprehending the business, it does not merely denote having a thorough knowledge regarding the way businesses operate. Instead, it is the capability of observing a detached, analytical view of the business procedures and rapidly figuring out core problems and issues. The analyst may offer the value add for operating with stakeholders and clients to assist them to be benefitted from the opportunities in business, to come up to the legislative or operational requirements or to assist them to deal with problems.



Business analysts require doing something which is intrinsically risky; persuade people to commend their effort and time to operating on activities which are not frequently their utmost preference. A business analyst scarcely does any project with shareholders dedicating all of their time in requirement validation and elicitation or have limitless period of time to pursue the priorities and schedules of their share holders and collect the requirements as per their suitability. Quite frequently, business analysts learn the way to beg, coerce, cajole or else persuade the share holders to assist them carry out their tasks, but the procedure is pretty much simpler in case business analyst is engaging. A successful business analyst causes others to wish to and like working with them, even if the other person is a part of the board of directors in sales and they require them helping to describe the performance metrics for the up gradation of the CRM database. If an organization has an engaging business analyst, they could gather everybody to the table and assist the groups to concentrate on accomplishing significant outcomes within a very short period of time (Lyneham, 2002).

Not easily Ruffled by Conflict

Quite frequently, business analysts encounter disagreeing or unruly share holders, impractical deadlines and actual or potential shifts in latitude. At times, their entire hard work which has been gathered, validated and presented appears to be totally futile as soon as the report is seen by the sponsor and passes a contradictory comment regarding the production and express about something different that they wanted to have produced. Similar to the project managers, successful and effective business analysts are not conveniently agitated. They have the realization that maximum of their environment is not in their control and even if they are frequently likely to be held responsible for things that are ahead of their latitude, they do maximum possible for advancing (Goldsmith, 2004). The business analysts need to be capable of handling continuously altering whims, practices and goals of several share ...
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