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Movie Review of Gia (1998)

Synopsis of the movie

America's first supermodel Gia Carangi lives hard and dies in young age in the glamorous, excessive urban wilds of 1970 New York City. The story was adapted by Cristofer and novelist Jay McInerney from the biography of Stephen Fried "Thing of Beauty".

The movie Gia was based on real facts which give a more poignant dimension to it. Despite the date of the film's subject is still and always topical: AIDS. It is a moving testimony to the havoc that can make success come too fast and you cannot manage without help. In fact, the heroine is a girl "clueless" that overnight is featured on the covers, running podium and requested by everyone. The success she quickly raises to the head and she succumbs to the excesses of showbiz: drugs. We are witnessing a slow descent into hell, which is only briefly slowed by love and eventually start over again.

Angelina Jolie is breathtaking in its beauty as for its interpretation on edge. Besides her partner, Elizabeth Mitchell was also stunning. We see with many emotions at the birth of their love story and one cannot help but have empathy for the partner of Gia who despite all his efforts cannot save her.

This movie is a poignant story of a life that stopped too soon and that conveys a powerful message when the dangers of drugs from addiction but also the risk of HIV transmission.

Self Destruction

Rise and Fall of the bottomless late 70's and early 80's supermodel Gia Carangi already the subject well, when in 1998 Michael Christopher telepic HBO "Gia" with Angelina Jolie comes on the screen again in JJ Martin, "self-destruct Gia "fascinating documentary and archival material from Karanja and new interviews with key members of the social and professional circles together. The result of astute consideration of decadent era, and perhaps one of the most unflinching studies drug ever made. In fact, the PIC graphic discussion of heroin addiction and shoot, and explicit details Karanja very painful death from AIDS in 1986, figures that it is difficult to find distribution outside the festival circuit.

It is reported that Martin is developing its own feature story about Karanja, when his HBO hit, and he hit the PIC decided to focus its efforts on this document. Movie Martin fuller, richer portrait of Karanja, force presented him with the real Carangi mostly through excerpts from the early 80's interview with ABC News. There are moments here: Gia walking in an almost incoherent stupor, turned their ambitions camera man, stumbling over the pronunciation of the name of Vittorio Storaro in a beautifully sad that you will not find such stones, tongue tied and, of course, sadly after only one of its easy, seductive eyes something that cannot even quite understand the exact representation of Jolie.

Also riveting Gia therapist, Robert Hilton, Odysseus describes heroin "shooting galleries" from the Lower East Side to find Gia, sprawled on the floor of an abandoned building, clad ...
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