Multicultural Education Of Exceptional Children

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Multicultural Education of Exceptional Children in Urban Schools

Multicultural Education of Exceptional Children in Urban Schools

Statement Of The Research Problem

This item raises several critical inquiries associated to multiculturalism and exceptional education. In specific, the authors propose that heritage applicable content needs in exceptional education programs.


The Research Question

Exceptional education programs that need injection of diversity issues; will the scholars would advantage considerably from exceptional education programs that infuse multiculturalism all through the curricula.


Evidence need to study the problem.

Last, but not smallest, the item inserts and talks about the Ford and Harris (1999) form for infusing multiculturalism in exceptional education programs.

Definition of key terms;

Exceptional Childhood: Children who are gifted.

Multicultural Education: Education from different sects and cultureLiterature Review

As asserted all through this exceptional topic, exceptional education faces critical trials as the territory becomes progressively diverse. With the expanding diversity, there arrives the need to change numerous urban school practices, not only in periods of expanding the representation of scholars of hue in exceptional education but furthermore in periods of more competently gathering the learned desires of scholars who are outstanding and diverse. In other phrases, one time outstanding scholars of hue are employed (i.e., recognised and placed), public urban schools are disputed to address the following questions: (a) How do we assist outstanding few students? (b) What are their learned needs? And (c) What are their interests?

Over the years, numerous scholars of exceptional education (Ford, Grantham, & Harris, 1996; Ford & Harris, 1999) have worried the significance as well as the need for infusing multicultural education into the exceptional education curricula. These scholars have furthermore proposed that these areas blended offer large pledge for gathering the pedagogical, heritage, and discovering desires of scholars of hue, particularly in exceptional education. In this item, we farther the discourse by furthermore worrying the significance of infusing multiculturalism and heritage applicable pedagogy in exceptional education. As a conceptual structure or form, we present segments of Ford and Harris' (1999) multicultural exceptional education curricula.

As exceptional education scholars, investigators, and practitioners, we have heard to varied scholars, parents, educators, and urban school counselors round the homeland articulate their anxieties and trials associated to exceptional education. Many of these anxieties are affiliated with the need of diversity or multiculturalism in the curricula. As a outcome, we have made exceptional efforts to aim our vigilance on these anxieties and clear-cut shortfalls in exceptional education.

The nonattendance of multiculturalism in exceptional education curricula has verified to be a hindrance or inhibitor of discovering for numerous scholars of hue in American public urban schools (Ford & Harris, 1999). To extend to use curricula and educational practices that are monoculture and ethnocentric reduces the likelihood of coming to scholars of hue academically in exceptional education programs. In detail, it is rather expected that these scholars may become ambivalent or disengaged from urban school in general and exceptional education in specific (Flowers, Milner, & Moore, 2003; Ford, 1996; Moore, Ford, & Milner, 2005; Ogbu, ...
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