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Marketing Strategies for the Launch of Music Album

Marketing Strategies for the Launch of Music Album


The development of a new album launch strategy has always been one of the main obsessions of most companies operating in the music industry. The technological obsolescence has tremendously affected the music industry along with other commercial sectors. The availability of the soundtracks on the Internet has been the cause of decline in the consumer's purchase pattern. There are various websites through which a consumer can retrieve the songs of the latest albums through their fingertips. The latest album of Radiohead “The King of Limbs” witnessed loses due to illegal downloading. However, the sound quality of the soundtracks is no better than the originally released CDs, DVDs and blu-ray disks. In addition, the sound stream is also lower as compared to the originally composed disks.

There are several artists and bands that strive very hard to release the music albums for their fans. Nevertheless, the album release requires discrete marketing tactics and notions for its success. The purpose of this paper is to suggest two forms of marketing campaigns; one for the launch of the album of an existing band. The second task to be achieved through this paper is to design the marketing campaign for the launch of an album form the new band. This situation needs critical analysis as it is the debut album of the band, and the future of the band depends on this album.

First, this paper focuses on the launch of the new album by the influential band. The target market of this band is already aware of the band; hence, there is no need to go for extra publicity. The excessive publicity in this scenario would be the waste of time and money. Hence, the most appropriate marketing strategy in this scenario is the release through an event.

Music Launch for an Existing Band

There are a lot of bands in the market that spend millions in making their latest albums; yet, their albums earn less than their expectations. The reason behind this catastrophe is that the excessive spending in the marketing and publicity campaigns. The most cost-effective approach in this scenario is the music launch party. The core idea behind the marketing campaign aimed to gain the publicity is to generate awareness of the product in the target market. The target market for the product is anxiously waiting for a long-awaited album release. Nevertheless, the album release via events and parties is the most effective marketing strategy to introduce the contemporary sound tracks to existing target market.

In addition, the presence of media in these events is mandatory; because, the publicity for the potential target market would be automatically executed by journalists and media available in the event. There are certain things that must be properly executed in order to launch the album successfully. It is a widely accepted phenomenon that the 4 Ps of marketing have a significant impact on the success or failure of a product (Connell, Gibson, 2002, ...
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