Mystery Of Atlantis

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Mystery of Atlantis

The Mystery of Atlantis was released by Sunsoft for the Family Computer in 1986. In it, players control a boy named Wynn as he explores the mythical land of Atlantis and fights to defeat and ancient evil. The Mystery of Atlantis was developed to take on Super Mario Bros. and featured the ability to move in both directions across a level. The game also included multiple paths to get to the end of a level and enemies that could kill you with a single hit. Plato said that Atlantis was the richest land ever known. All kinds of plants and foods grew there. Many types of animals lived on the island, including elephants. The earth was full of precious metals. The capital city of Atlantis was built on a mountain. The city was surrounded by three rings of water, one inside the other. To protect the city, huge stone walls were built on the land between the rings of water. Each wall was covered in a different metal. The royal palace and a great temple stood at the center of the city. The temple was covered in silver and gold. It contained an enormous gold statue of Poseidon (Manning, 45). The Atlanteans were a powerful people with a huge army and navy. They captured lands as far east as Egypt and as far north as Tuscany in Italy. Atlantean people made a great mistake in trying to conquer the land of Greece. The Greek military was far too strong for the Atlantean peoples, and were quickly defeated. Following this great defeat, “there occurred violent earthquakes and floods; and in a single day and night of misfortune all your warlike men in a body sank into the earth, and the island of Atlantis in like manner disappeared in the depths of the sea” (Dunbavin, 76). This was Zeus and the other god's punishment for being too greedy. The Bimini Road, a submarine geological formation just off the North Bimini Island has been claimed by some to be evidence of the lost civilization, and is still being explored today”.

The following quote is from a TV program called Atlantis Uncovered. “Most archaeologists do not believe civilization rose from Atlantis, however if they dig deep enough perhaps they'll find they're wrong.” This quote is what commonly helps creates skepticism in a viewers mind, showing that archaeologists don't know for sure and are still trying to find the common link of civilizations first arising from Atlantis and then moving to more primitive cultures and people. This is partially correct, as archaeologists are always looking for the first civilizations and the first peoples. However, they are not trying to find a link to Atlantis as all scholarly archaeologists know that Atlantis is a hoax, and never existed. As the move, and collide, the cause earthquakes and form mountain range; mountain ranges that take thousands of years to form. Some may argue in this scenario that maybe then the “lost continent” was merely thrusted up ...
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