Nairobi-Mombasa Pipeline

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Analysis of the Nairobi-Mombasa Pipeline

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Analysis of the Nairobi-Mombasa Pipeline


The paper will present the emergency management plan for the Nairobi-Mombasa pipeline in detail. Recently, there has been an explosion in the oil pipelines in Kenya in the vicinity of neighbourhood. A number of people died in the explosion. Therefore, it is high time that the management of the company must propose a plan which all the risk management techniques to follow in the future to avoid such disasters. Though, the oil pipelines are usually seen as a safe way of transportation rather than going thorough rail or road, however, if a pipeline is broken or there is an accident, it may result in severe consequences for the environment and the people.

The main goal of the plan is to come up with the necessary actions and procedures which may be helpful in preventing or reducing the after effects of such kind of disastrous events. These events also result in the loss of health and safety of the people in the community.

The emergency management is a basic responsibility of the management of the company and also the government of Kenya. Hence, all of the governmental institutions are mutually responsible for the health and safety of the people of the community and country. This is the reason for which the company of Nairobi-Mombasa pipelines is about to take a big step and promoted an approach towards implementing the uniform structure of emergency management plan, while giving advice to the governmental institutions of the country addressing them about developing the strategic emergency management plan. The approach for the emergency management plan will be helpful in strengthening the capacity of the company's management as well the governmental institutions in preventing the disasters and similar kind of emergencies for protecting and implementing in the situations and to recovering from these disastrous events successfully.

The guide to develop emergency management plan will be helpful for the governmental institutions in fulfilling their responsibilities under the Act of Emergency Management, in the preparation of emergency management plans which are particular to their specific mandate. This guide will provide us with a framework to undertake assessments of all the risks which are specific to their mandate and planning activities within the following criteria:

mitigation and prevention


intervention and


The goal of the plan will be achieved through looking to the following matters of the company:

The nature and consequences of the hazards they may encounter

Safety advice given to the first responders of the event

Arrangements of notification and activation

The roles and responsibilities of multiple agencies serving in the emergency management

Arrangements of public media and information

Details and mapping of pipeline specific route

Risk Analysis

The process of risk analysis is the most important processes in the planning of emergency management for the hazardous or disastrous events anywhere in the world. The only thing through which a person may come up with or prevent the hazardous events is the assessment of various risks involved in the event. We will also ...
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