Native American Struggles/Stereotypes

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Native American Struggles/Stereotypes

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This paper studies the impact of stereotypes and struggle of Native Americans in detail. The paper also examines affects of stereotype and struggle that trap Native American in the vicious cycle, which leads to despair and hopelessness.

Native American Struggles/Stereotypes


In United Stated, Native Americans are the aboriginal peoples who lived within the boundaries of North America particularly in the island state of Hawaii and Alaska. They live in intact communities and compose of several diverse Native American ethnic and tribes. They are also known as American Indian, Alaskan natives, Inuit people or Indigenous people.

A large number of Native American are trapped in a vicious circle of segregation of the alleged benefits of Westernization, trapped in its negative stereotypes, and the permanent weakening of their culture and, therefore their identities. Similarly, along with several native people around the world, Native Americans are rich in culture and traditional values. Systems of Native American stresses on the spiritual orientation and emphasis on humanity while looking at environmental and social issues. Native American are caught in traditional values and referred to four traditional values of Lakota that are fortitude, generosity, wisdom and bravery. Native Americans belong to gathering and hunting societies.

The struggles of Native Americans and a misunderstanding of those struggles have perpetuated negative stereotypes of Native Americans. Mainly because of cultural differences that exist between European and Native Americans resulted in social disruption, ethical violence and political tension. Such conflicts lead to revolts and struggle against prejudice. As a result, Native Americans are trapped in a vicious cycle, one that leads to despair and hopelessness.


Stereotypes about Native American

Stereotype refers to a set of beliefs that tend to be rigid, either positive of negative in nature with relation to the attributes and characteristics of a certain group. It is basically a categorization based on extension of inclination, when this grouping is over-generalized and rigid resulted in a problem.

There are several negative stereotypes about Native Americans. One of the main is alcoholism, as it is wrongly perceived or belief by many people that Native Americans are in the habit of drinking alcoholic, but it is not true always. Another negative stereotype is that the ancient tribes of Native American were savages and tribal; thus non-native failed in recognizing modern American Native. Therefore, whenever people imagine or think of Native American they consider them as savages. The third stereotype regarding Native American is that they consider the white Americans who destroy their land, which belong to them for hundreds of years and reject whites (Ehle, 1997).

The majority of stereotypes about Native American are untrue and appalling, but some of them have resemblances with the characteristics of Native Americans. For instance, it is not true that all Native Americans are alcoholic while a large number of them still drink alcohol. There is also a misconception that American native lead their lives according the tribal customs and culture that, in fact is not ...
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