Nature Of The Russian Revolution

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Nature of the Russian Revolution

Nature of Russian Revolution


Like an ordinary history the basic purpose of this revolution of the Russian was to analyze the events that occur during and after the revolution that completely changed the scenario of the revolution. First let us briefly understand the unique aspects of the revolution And their main purpose, and as according to a well known scholar the primary feature of the revolution is its effect on the life of the people living in the state or the country

It is the general phenomena and though of the state whether lead by the democrats or the bureaucrats of the society is that it always considered itself as the superior and above the world, and they always try to promote its name in the pages of history with the help of it politician or in the older forms considered as kings, however over the span of time certain situation are raise in which it becomes impossible for the people of the country to follow the regime of the their rules and it is the state when the concept of revolution or war with in the state arises, this situation is really hard to cope as it can go in any direction

From the history of revolution it has been observed that the societies that have faced the revolution are still in the situation of conflict over one issue to another, fundamentally it could be argued that the level of changes that transforms during the process of revolution and after the revolution has mostly left a negative impact on the economic and social aspect of the society and it takes a lot of effort and time for the particular society to move forward


Russia was once a time back considered a support power but due to certain unexpected events and poor political development their status of power was lifted from them and till now Russia is living in the state of shock and trying to move forward from the previous turmoil.

Initially and historically the most important feature of the Russia was that it's slow development process in all the field of lives, due to their backwardness in the aspect of economic, social, and other aspects of the lives a sense of disturbance and anger was prevailing on the mind of the peoples

Russia was blessed with great advantage as the entire population of this state was able to access the facilities of the eastern and western countries, but was not able to make any development on their own due to lack of natural resources; the entire history of Russia is based on struggle and only struggle.

For instance in the mid of seventeen century the this country was in a war and confrontation with some groups of different thoughts and if these were not enough the Russia was often inline of the natural disasters as heavy winter, monsoons, heavy rain falls, storms and others caused extensive distraction in the country.

The only positive way of their development was the agriculture sector, ...
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