Russian Revolution

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Russian Revolution

Russian Revolution


The revolution in Russia began as a result of long period of repression and unrest that was faced by the people living in the state. by the time of Peter I also known as Peter the great people of Russia faced the rule of Czar that was increasingly becoming an autocrat bureaucratic one emphasizing its power and rule on the people Peasants even faced a bad time as harsh economic conditions were imposed on them and also there needs for farmland were not satisfied, industrialization was only experienced in the urban areas, the working class in these areas were considered to be receptive to the radical ideas and were therefore exploited (Fitzpatrick, 2008, Pp. 12-21).

Clergy ensured that religion was maintained in the empire and those who dissented from it were persecuted. People who did not have the Russian nationality in the empire were repressed. By the year 1903 Russia was divided into different political parties and after which nobility and clergy had the upper hand and they ensured practicing autocracy in the empire those who were capitalist they wished for a constitutional monarchy and there were also liberals that were in the majority formed the constitutional democratic party. The remaining people who were the peasants and intelligentsia were incorporated in the Socialist Revolutionary party (Holquist, 2003, Pp. 627-652).


The revolution began in the year 19905 that started from St. Petersburg the reason of which was that people were marching towards winter palace for petition to Czar these group of workers were led by a priest however the troops fired on the crowd. This attack was then further followed by a series of assassinations, attacks, riots and strikes and simultaneously outbreak by the peasants. However yet there were people who were unsatisfied that included liberals and social democrats ...
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