Navajo Tribe

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Navajo tribe of Native American Indians

Navajo tribe of Native American Indians


Transcultural nursing: Assessment and Intervention (2004) provide a model for assessing individuals and for providing culturally competent care. The 4th edition has a companion books that addresses Canadian ethnic groups, Transcultural nursing: Assessment and intervention (Davidhizar and Giger, l998). In addition, a small pocket guide is also available and published by Mosby that provides a user-friendly format to understand various cultural groups. These books provide chapters on the six cultural phenomena of the model and specific chapters that address cultural groups in relation to each of the six cultural phenomena. The Giger and Davidhizar Transcultural Model postulates that each individual is a culturally unique person and should be assessed according to six cultural phenomena: a) communication, b)time, c)space, d)social organization, e)environmental control, and f. )biological variations. This model is particularly useful in nursing education since it provides students with a easy to understand model for assessing clients encountered in practice.( Frank, 2003)


The textbooks provide specific assessment and intervention strategies needed for providing care for clients from a variety of cultural backgrounds. It is ideal for use with clients in diverse clinical settings. The 2004 edition of the book provides a holistic overview of genetics that helps students and nurses understand genetics and genetic-based diseases that are racially and ethnically based. Additionally an expansion of the spiritual component is featured throughout the book, with a focus on various religions including Islam practiced by Muslims. There are critical thinking questions at the end of each chapter and this helps students, nurses, and health professionals to apply the assessment and framework in practice. Clarification is offered on the biological variations for each cultural group.

The 2004 publication has new chapters on Afghans and Afghan Americans and provides culturally sensitive content on ...
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