Negative Effects Of Video Games On Children

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Negative Effects of Video Games on Children



Video games started off being simple with little interaction, the earliest appearances of video games can be dated back to 1970. One of the most popular games then included Pac Man, which consisted of a small circular shape head that had a mouth that tried to eat objects and ghosts. This game would absolutely be considered non-violent by today's standard but it does have a theme involving destruction. Nintendo came in the 1980s, followed by the Sony Play station in the 1990s (Anderson, 2000, pp.772).

Every game released would have better graphics and visuals and more entertaining than its predecessors. With technology evolving, game developers became able to create more realistic situations and the trend started moving towards realistic violence against different characters either in monster or human form. Video games have developed to the point where players have a first person perspective and make it seem like they are the ones in the particular situation.

Problem definition

The purpose of this research study is to find if a relationship exists between playing video games and social behaviour. The study will look at a specific demographic and observe the nature of the games they play, the amount of time the participants spend on video games and their social behaviour.

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study was to determine a liking by adolescents for violence in video games and to measure the intensity of aggression that it causes. This study mainly determines the quantitative analysis of the researcher.

Research Objectives

How are social skills built up or brought down through the playing of video games?

Find any relationship that exists between playing video games and a person's social behaviour.

Are video gamers as a whole more or less social now there is an online option?

What are the social aspects of various popular video games

Why do people play so much? Are the games addictive?

Support or deny previous arguments that have been made in regards to playing video games and social behaviour.


Video games, a fashion and technological tool most needed in almost every home in the world, has become a double-edged sword for fans of these machines. The game began to spread in unstoppable form since the eighties, making its way into many homes and causing about a market that has a major economic pressure. There are recent statistics that detect the use of these games in one of four Spanish teenagers. On the other hand, diffusion is much higher among boys than girls. Its effects in adolescents and especially in children have been much discussed, often being classified as harmful especially for the latter. However, recent studies use would be detrimental depending on the type of games played (content) and the time devoted to them.

Negative effects:

Children are missing on physical activity. They are spending their evenings playing video games instead of getting them involved in outdoor games. This is bound to have a huge negative impact on their health ...
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