New Forest National Park, England

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Stakeholders' involvement in Sustainable Tourism in New Forest National Park, England

Table of Content

Stakeholders' involvement in Sustainable Tourism in New Forest National Park, England1


2.Stakeholders And Sustainable tourism1

a)Definitions of Stakeholders2

b)Classification of Stakeholders3

Principal Stakeholders3

End-User Stakeholders3

Partner Stakeholders4

Insider Stakeholders4

c) Different stakeholders Theories4

There is no references on the reference page which has been highlighted in red.4

c)Definition of Sustainable tourism6

d)Different types of Sustainable Tourism8

Ecological tourism8

Ecotourism or green tourism9

Green tourism10

Soft tourism10

Rural tourism10

Park tourism11

Equitable tourism11

Equitable tourism12

e)Sustainable tourism in Forests & national parks12

f)Why stakeholders are interested in Taking part & investing for sustainable tourism in national parks in UK15

3.History Of New Forest18

Key dates:20

a)Future Strategic plan of new Forest24

b)Classification of key stakeholders of New Forest27

c)Sustainable tourism in New forest30

d)Role of Stakeholders in improving sustainable tourism in new forest32

4.Advantages & Disadvantages for New Forest National park by sustainable tourism33

a)Methods of overcoming the disadvantages of sustainable tourism & what role stakeholders can play to improve sustainable tourism in New forest national park.35

b)what different activities can be put up by the stakeholders in improving sustainable tourism in New Forest National park?(please mention new innovative and different ideas and also mention about the best suitable sustainable activity for new forest in which stakeholders will be interested in)38

5.The motivational factor in sustainable tourism which made the stakeholders attract towards it.40

a.Provide a detail case study of Stakeholders involvement in sustainable tourism in New forest National park, England & also compare it with another case study of another famous National park(Please provide a good case study and please do a good comparison)42


Stakeholders' involvement in Sustainable Tourism in New Forest National Park, England


The New Forest is most popular tourism destinations of England and one of the most significant rural landscapes of Europe. While a prosperous tourism industry is needed to maintain jobs and the local economy, pressures from increased numbers of visitors could undermine the quality of local life and the unique environmental resource upon which the industry itself depends(Mason: Cheyne : 2000: 391). For the last 12 years New Forest District Council has worked with a wide range of local interests to improve the management of tourism in a way that resolves conflicts, minimises adverse impacts and brings benefits to all concerned. Its experience offers a mix of good practice, lessons learned and ideas for the future, which can be adapted to suit particular circumstances across the country.

Stakeholders And Sustainable tourism

Sustainability have become an important topic and concept in relation to tourism planning and development. The questions that should be considered though are:

(1) Who should be considered stakeholders in tourism development, and

(2) How should planners and developers involve stakeholders in the development of tourism?

In alignment to supply responses to these inquiries this paper enquired sustainable tourism development and how stakeholder addition and engagement are incorporated in the rudimentary notion of sustainable tourism development. This enquiry is carried out by reconsidering and drawing deductions from the literature. The discussion includes thoughts from both perspectives, management and public participation. Based on the definitions that are used for sustainability and sustainable tourism ...
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