Yellowstone National Park

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Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park


I have started looking for grants for the Yellowstone national park protection preservation advertisement. I looked for a grant that could secure the genetic basis that allowed building a new population. Second, two generations of selected horses hardened-off and re-learnt their social behaviour in semi-reserves. I found a grant that supports the park protection preservation advertisement and also emphasis is designed for students interested in pursuing law enforcement careers with federal or state land management agencies such as the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, municipal and state parks or state environmental quality departments.

Grant Description

I release my budget summary for Yellowstone national park protection preservation in Wyoming State. My budget covers a new controversial strategy to fund Yellowstone national park using revenues from an oil offshore drilling project that may never happen. The proposal comes the same day as supporters of a ballot initiative that would secure reliable, permanent funding for state parks announced the official launching of a volunteer signature-gathering campaign to qualify the initiative.


The project's goal is to strengthen protection of the park by training officials so they can deal with environmental threats more effectively, and by encouraging the public to help prevent illegal activities and report environmental crimes. The park's natural riches are mirrored by the cultural wealth of surrounding communities. In addition to farming communities, there are six indigenous reserves that are home to ethnicities, which represent two-thirds of the indigenous population.

The proposal's main objective is to offer free admission to state parks in exchange for a new $18 vehicle license surcharge fee. Revenues from the new fee would be around $500 million annually, while only $50 million in state revenue would be lost due to the waiving of admission fees into parks. Eighty percent of the revenue from the fee would go towards operations and development of state parks, the rest would split among other conservation efforts.

There's been a lot of support out of the gate because there was so much opposition to the governor's original cuts to parks. Usually a campaign team wouldn't be assembled until June or July, but proponents want to get up and running, that's why there has been such an outpouring of support.

Wyoming's s state parks were among the best in the nation, and now they rank among America's most endangered sites. The state parks have fallen so far behind in maintenance and repairs that many have leaking roofs and sewage systems, collapsed bridges, washed-out trails, restrooms that aren't cleaned regularly, badly deteriorated structures and shuttered campgrounds and visitor centers.

The initiative has raised support from most large environmental groups in the state, including Surfrider Foundation, California State Lifeguard Association and The Nature Conservancy. But not everyone is on board. Several tax groups have come out against the initiative articulating that a new tax in this economy isn't needed and that vehicle taxes should go towards improving transportation.

But funding for state parks goes beyond just a financial ...
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