New Performance Appraisal System

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New Performance appraisal system

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Problem statement3

Current practices4

Strategic plan4

Strategic approach6




Creation and Implementation of a New Performance Appraisal System


The process of performance appraisal is a system that an organization can implement to promote exceptional performance. It offers organizations a tactic to assess the weaknesses and strengths of an employee easily. The process of performance appraisals also offer employees and managers, a method for sharing the organization's missions, values, objectives and goals with its members and the prospect for one on one communication.

There are various stages or a step in the process of performance evaluation that is what an organization should know is that the process of performance appraisal is crucial for the organization's livelihood. An effective and efficient system promotes knowledge sharing, communication and brilliance within the organization. The objective of this study is to build up the best system for the organizations so the organization can achieve the excellence (Bernardin and Buckley, 1981).

Problem Statement

Many organizations are facing difficulties in managing the employee performance. Appraisals are often carried out by making use of surveys and interviews. This increases reliance on the development of questions to gather information and the slightest oversight in the development of these questions can result in the collection of inaccurate data. Such incidents can compromise the credibility of the appraisals. Furthermore, the management often does not focus of the use of performance appraisal system which leads to conflicts between employee and the management (Baird, Beatty and Schneier, 1982).

Current Practices

Employees and managers consider the performance appraisals in a variety of ways in the history. For an organization to know precisely what the process of performance appraisal is and what is its purpose, though, it is significant to turn up with a proper definition. In the current practices, performance appraisal is done in the form of performance review of the job, evaluation of the performance, review of the employee, performance evaluation of an employee, review of feedback from an employee and the 360-degree evaluation (Baird, Beatty and Schneier, 1982).

Strategic plan

A review of performance is an essential strategy that an organization can use to appraise an employee in terms of quality of work done by the employee. It can also be used to help discover prospects for development and areas where additional support and guidance or extra training may be required. Managers can also apply the process of appraisal to identify the performance ...
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