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New York Exhibitions

New York Exhibitions

Pure Beauty John Baldessari

There is a lot of noise about the pure beauty, John Baldessari retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. It should not be. Although his work was shown and at international level since 1980, this exhibition, the first major survey of works by Baldessari in the United States has for twenty years ( It was time.

John Baldessari is one of the most influential American artists of today. This long overdue retrospective of more than 150 works from the artist's career from 1962 to the present and include works on canvas, photography, video and book artist. Baldessari text and images of paintings from the mid-1960s are generally considered the earliest examples of conceptual art recognized, and his 1980 composition of photographs from film stills rank taken as decisive for the development of arts provision and other methods, is aimed at social and cultural impact of mass culture. More and continues today, Baldessari interest in language, both written and visual, raises questions about the nature of communication (

Baldessari was part of the conceptual art scene that developed in the U.S. after the Second World War. Known as a master of his years and then CalArts in Los Angeles, and a number of former students, the art world luminaries in their own right was (David Salle, Barbara Bloom, Mike Kelley and others) that Baldessari is an integral part of a growing LA art scene in the last fifty years.

Arranged in chronological order to do pure beauty, which should be a good retrospective, it gives us an insight into the decade career, Baldessari. It is interesting, however, is the lack of a clear trajectory, of course, there are no dominant linear progression in terms of subject matter. Ideas that Baldessari are still interested in keeping them in the 1960 round of the whole exhibition, and he repeated in the media as diverse as images, text, found footage, appropriated posters, film stills, photographs, performances, collages, videos, relief's, digital printing, and combinations thereof. His 1975 black and white close-up elbows reappears in 2008 as laser-reduction benefits of BAS called the arms and legs (especially the elbows and knees).

Robert Rauschenberg

Rauschenberg is considered one of the most innovative artists in American art, perhaps the first generation to be a viable course of Abstract Expressionism to the formal integration of art and chaos in their lives chart. His approach to creating art with discarded materials, household goods and have an image in order to deprive the difference between medium and genre, abstraction and figuration, and his "flatbed picture plane" has forever changed the relationship between artist, image and viewer. The exhibition highlights the breadth and reach of the smooth and transformative vision of Rauschenberg and his lasting influence on subsequent generations of contemporary artists (

From the beginning, incidental, immediately went out and the perception of the presence of more than his own artistic virtuosity Rauschenberg creative energy. Working in what he called a "gap between art and life," he developed ...
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