Nhs Care Innovations In East London

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NHS Care Innovations in East London

NHS Care Innovations in East London


NHS is one of the largest organizations in Europe and came into existence about fifty years ago. It is one of the kind, state run and not for profit establishment which promotes direct primary and secondary care. NHS is a major resource consumer and also the nation's most extensive employer. It could be called a primary service on the basis that it is not only professional but also labour intensive and high grade service carried out by specialists such as Doctors or Nurse. Paramount significance is given to patients and patients are therefore the highest priority.

NHS Innovation In Last Five Years

NHS Hubs

England has nine regional NHS Innovation Centres (hubs), aligned to Regional Development Agency and Strategic Health Authority boundaries. They can all be accessed via this site. The Centres were established in 2004 / 05 with a dual mission; to champion the cause of healthcare innovation and to identify, develop and commercialize innovations and Intellectual Property created by NHS staff. The multiple drivers for this activity include improved patient care, enhanced service delivery, increased business and enterprise activity and additional revenue that NHS Trusts can re-invest into patient services (Clatworthy, M. Mellett, H. 1997).

The nine regional companies are planning to work on a more collegiate basis. The move is designed to optimise the potential of particular innovations and to exploit the benefits of synergies in technology, business values, skills and resources; in short to maximise the benefits of our work to patients nationally and internationally. In this way, the NHS Innovations Centres will help deliver the UK's strategic imperative of a world class knowledge economy. This single Portal - which will be developed fully over the next 6 months - opens a window onto the world of NHS Innovations. It is designed to offer healthcare businesses, academia and inventors (both within and outside of the NHS) easier access to up-to-the-minute information on our recent results and current activities as well as on the business opportunities we offer (Lles, 2001).

NHS Fund

All NHS staff can apply for cash from the £1.94m fund, which has been created to encourage staff to come up with ideas to improve healthcare for Londoners. Staff has until 11 December to submit ideas, which will then be vetted before being judged by an innovation board. Those with the potential to make the biggest impact across the region will be awarded funding. NHS London director of innovation Stephen Webb said the fund is a way of giving people the support they need to “get their idea from the drawing board onto the ward (Sheaff, R. West, M. 1997).

The UK is a global leader in the wound care industry, with world-class research and development institutions and healthcare companies producing ground-breaking gels, dressings and foams to prevent infection, heal ulcers and provide pain relief: products developed by Staffordshire-based Activa Healthcare (winners of the Queen's Award for Innovation 2003 and 2008), for instance, have ...
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