East Bow, Tower Hamlets (London)

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How do inter-generational dynamics impact on young people's access to public space in East Bow, Tower Hamlets (London)?

How do inter-generational dynamics impact on young people's access to public space in East Bow, Tower Hamlets (London)?


The street to Britain's hosting the Olympics started with the Labour Party's General Election manifesto of 1997, which pledged that a Labour Government would work to convey the Olympics to Britain. This followed failed tenders by regional towns such as Birmingham and Manchester for the 1992, 1996 and 2000 sport, with the British Olympic Association (BOA) concluding in 1995 to focus future tenders on London.

After its election, the work Government commissioned advisors Arup to undertake a feasibility study into a potential British tender for the 2012 sport, recognising the Lea Valley, an undeveloped area of East London, as the prime position for the Olympic Village and main facilities, with other events taking location elsewhere in the capital. Arup's study projected foremost regeneration profits for East London, with over 3,000 occupations conceived, £70m added economic development and between £280-507m added expenditure from tourism. The study also identified added advantages such as future use of fair amenities, cultural diversity and the promotion of sport amidst junior people.

In 2003, the heritage, newspapers and games managing group of the dwelling of Commons contended in a report that it was "clearly desirable" that London should bid for the sport and Government support pursued in May that year, with the Culture, newspapers and games receptionist declaring its aim to give political support to the bid. Public inspection of the tender was first made likely in February 2004 with the British Olympic Committee's response to the IOC questionnaire to nominee towns, with the IOC's report making a number of criticisms of London's public transport system, which has endured from decades of under-investment.

Location And History Of East Bow

The IOC visited London in February 2005 to examine the suggested sites for hosting the Games, as part of the bid overseen by London 2012, a consortium set up on behalf of the UK government, the Greater London Authority (GLA) and the BOA to comprise their blended interests. However, the head of London solely was empowered to sign agreements on behalf of the three partners, such as the 'Host town Contract' acquiesced in Singapore when London's winning bid was broadcast in July 2005, with the UK government acting as guarantor of London's ability to stage the Games. London 2012 was wound up following the attempt conclusion and in 2006 the government legislated for the London Olympic Games and Paralympics proceed to set up the essential bureaus, allowance and protections (copyright) to host the sport in 2012. The research is based on the analysis of London's tender for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games envisioned this foremost international happening as a going by car force for a spectacular regeneration of East London. The five “host boroughs” of Newham, Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Waltham Forest and Greenwich are amidst the fastest increasing localities of London in ...
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