Nike Shoes Marketing Communication Strategy & Mix

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Nike Shoes Marketing Communication Strategy & Mix

Nike Shoes Marketing Communication Strategy & Mix


Marketing is the home wares of connecting the manufacturers (or promise producers) of a merchandise or service with clients, both living and potential. It is an inescapable and essential outcome of capitalism. However marketing is not restricted to capitalist countries. Marketing methods are directed in all political schemes, and in numerous facets of life. Marketing procedures are acquainted by numerous of the communal sciences, especially psychology, sociology, and economics (Lyons, 1999). Marketing study underpins these activities. Through advocating, it is furthermore associated to numerous of the creative arts. Successful marketers normally have a clientele orientation or focus. On the other hand, marketing communications mentions to the administration notion that is conceived to make all facets of marketing communication for example advocating, sales advancement, public relatives, and direct marketing work simultaneously as a unified force, other than allowing each to work in isolation.  It's a truism that associations with more than one grade of marketing administration bear from communications problems. This hinders with nearly any assess of the association, as well as with any corrective actions. Thus any marketing administration effort should start and end with communication. If those communications are productive, the association will be better managed.


Company Background

Nike Inc., or Nike, is a globally acclaimed designer, constructor, marketer, and vendor of athletic footwear, apparel, apparel, sports gear, and accessories for diverse sports and wellbeing endeavours (Marshall & Cook, 1992). Almost all of Nike's items are generally made out-of-doors the United States, and are made by unaligned agreement businesses who commonly construct for other internationally identified emblems (2007). Moreover, Nike owns the next established subsidiaries, all of which are founded in the United States—Cole Haan Holdings, Inc., Bauer Nike Hockey, Hurley International LLC, Nike IHM Inc., Converse Inc., and Exeter Brands Group LLC.

Instrumental to Nike's development and apparent achievement is its effectiveness in marketing communication. The business has wise to request a strategy wherein it could certainly broadcast its notes through all newspapers devices, and accordingly, to every consumer; this according to, was made likely through Nike's blend of accepted and up to date advertising (Lyons, 1999).


SWOT Analysis

This investigation will condense key matters from the enterprise natural environment and the strategic capability of Nike. This can be utilised to referee future strategic options.


Product Range

Capacity for innovation

Distribution expertise

Single Brand

Stars endorsement

Contract manufacturing

Large portfolio of goods


Single Brand

Too numerous stars endorsement

Contract manufacturing

Spread portfolio of products

Reliant on retailers

Reduction of goal market


New Markets

E commerce

Research and development

Increase merchandise line

Product diversification

Change goal market

New constructing countries



Fashion Trends

Contract constructing and making a duplicate of merchandise (intellectual property)

Consumer way of life changes


Bad press affiliated with Nike

Outlets calling off orders

Pestle Analysis

This will address ecological leverages on the administration, both in the past and with future strategic plans.


Striking dock workers

Political unrest in the output countries

Terrorism in the dwelling country


Slow down in the economy

Reduction in buyer confidence

Barriers of application to the EU

Contract manufacturing


Brand attentive ...
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